Published On: Mon, Oct 23rd, 2023

Boca Raton Public Library Presents the Art Exhibit, “Plant Portraits: Weeds to Wildflowers” By Kim Heise

October 23–December 31, 2023

Downtown Library

Boca Raton, FL –

The Downtown Library in Boca Raton is proud to present a captivating new watercolor exhibit, “Plant Portraits: Weeds to Wildflowers” by the talented artist Kim Heise commissioned by the Miami nonprofit, Bound by Beauty. This exhibition showcases the natural beauty of some of Florida’s native plants that are often dismissed as mere weeds. Heise’s artistic endeavors shed light on the enchanting world of these common plants, highlighting their significance and inviting viewers to appreciate the magic hidden in the everyday.

Kim Heise’s artistic journey began in 2021 when she was commissioned by Bound by Beauty to paint 17 common native plants that host butterflies. Their mission was simple yet profound: to increase awareness and appreciation of Florida’s native plant species that are often marginalized as weeds. The choice of subject matter is not coincidental; they aim to celebrate overlooked plants that support many of the butterflies we love. In doing so, they hope to raise awareness of the accessibility of these species to all Floridians, ask us to plant native, and rethink the broad use of pesticides. Bound by Beauty uses these illustrations in their regular programming as well as in their Field Guide to Wild Plants, which can be downloaded for free on their website. 

Kim Heise’s artistic treatment speaks to her newfound love for these plants that are often overlooked and disregarded. Her statement on the exhibit encapsulates her enthusiasm: “They appear in lawns, tenaciously sprouting from sidewalks or in manicured exotic landscaping seemingly from nowhere. This also means that they are the most accessible of our native species. Not only that, but the chosen species also host butterflies, showing that there is magic even in the weeds you step over daily.”

The artwork is not merely about capturing the visual beauty of these plants but also about conveying the ecological significance they hold. By showcasing that they serve as hosts for butterflies, they emphasize the interconnectedness of our ecosystem and underscore the importance of preserving and nurturing these plants.

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