Published On: Sun, May 28th, 2023

Women Wisdom and Wine Gives Women a “Voice”

A little bit bawdy… A little bit bold

A new play by a woman, for women, about women… but men are welcomed to watch, listen and learn

North Palm Beach, Fl – The Palm Beach Institute for the Entertainment Arts (PBIEA) will present WOMEN WISDOM AND WINE,  a new play by Executive Director/playwright Donna Carbone, at the end of June. The play features eight (8) women who, while having dinner in an Italian Restaurant, discuss topics relevant to being females of a certain age. A few of those topics could be blush worthy for those with delicate sensibilities. The restaurant also plays a part of the storyline, having an unusual name and reason for its moniker. There is one male in the play who helps to keep the storyline moving from table to table.

In a recent interview, Carbone said, “The conversations in this play are true and the result of decades of talks with my female friends. The play is not for the easily embarrassed or easily offended by open and honest conversations about life, sex, health, relationships and all else that makes us uniquely human.”

Show dates are Friday and Saturday evening – June 23 and 24 – at 7:00 pm and Sunday afternoon – June 25 – at 2:00 pm. There are also performances on Friday and Saturday evening – June 30 and July 1 – at 7:00 pm and Sunday afternoon – July 2 – at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $30.00 each. Group rate for 10 or more is $22.00. 

Carbone is a published author and a produced playwright. Her play, Shell of a Man, was performed by The Black Academy of Arts and Letters in Dallas, Texas in 2015. Her most recent play, Intersection of Lincoln and Parks, was produced at the Kravis Center’s Rinker Playhouse in February 2022. Much of Carbone’s writing has been showcased at PBIEA, which is an original concept theater, meaning the productions offered have not been seen in other venues.

Carbone said, “Only a few of the performers in Women Wisdom and Wine are experienced actors. I wanted this play to reflect the actual conversations I had with my female friends so I chose real women… most of whom had never been on a stage or even held a script in their hands. I asked only one thing of them, ‘Be you, not some imagined version of you. Use your own voice.’ Brooklyn accent or Southern drawl, French, Jamaican, German… none of that mattered. I wanted real and each member of the cast gave their best. I am proud of them. I am especially proud of our lone male performer. He remained patient and stoic throughout the rehearsal process.”

“It is rare to get a review from another playwright,” Carbone commented, “but Paul Vintner, a UK based playwright with an MFA in playwriting from Royal Holloway and a BFA in Theatre from the University of Central Missouri, said the following, “Rare that an audience is treated to friendship, inhibitions, revelations, and truths delivered by a gaggle of magnetic OLDER women. There is an unbridled enthusiasm in Carbone’s writing which keeps her characters’ dinner conversation lively and flowing in this very personal piece concerning identity. ”

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by calling: 561 743-9955. PBIEA is a small, intimate venue with 40 seats. Shows sell out fast. Reservations are required. Directions to the Institute, which is located in North Palm Beach, will be sent to anyone unfamiliar with its location.

Who we are: 

Palm Beach Institute is more than a school and a theater. We are a haven in the storm of life for many struggling individuals. Some of our students live with the negative effects of a dysfunctional childhood, domestic abuse, rape, depression, divorce, life threatening medical issues, ADD, Asperger’s syndrome, mental health issues and memory loss. We are giving a spotlight to people overcoming addictions and those who are neuro-diverse and divergent thinkers. We have welcomed Holocaust and civil war (Middle East/Europe) survivors, burn victims, unwed mothers, and a former priest who successfully dealt with the transition from religious life to domestic life. We are many things to many people… and we are proud of the role we play in bringing confidence and continuity to the lives of those in need.

Directions: DO NOT USE GPS

From I-95 North/South — Exit I-95 at Northlake Boulevard. Travel east to U.S. Highway One. Turn right. There will be a CVS and a gas station on your right. Immediately after the gas station is a driveway. Turn right into it. At the stop sign, make a left to travel along the store fronts until you reach Suite #115… located between Entre Nous Bistro and True Treasures Consignment. There is plenty of parking.

Palm Beach Institute for the Entertainment Arts

Village Shoppes of North Palm Beach

115 US Highway One – North Palm Beach, Florida 33408

561 743-9955



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