Published On: Tue, Sep 6th, 2022

Picture Book Release from Recognized South Florida Native

From the recognized spiritual author of A Ceremony Called Life comes a timeless picture book about the power of love that lives inside

Delray Beach, FL – The very moment a child is born, a magical treasure chest appears inside to store all of the kisses and love they ever receive – this is the story in Sky Eiko’s debut picture book, Treasure Chest of Kisses. When children are at school and miss Mama, or when Scruffy passes away, whenever they have an ouchie or feel sad, they can connect with their trove of love that’s always there for them – supporting, guiding, comforting, inspiring, and more.

We all know the value of filling a child up with love. Imagine your precious one falling asleep to this sweet, rhyming story, absorbing the powerful message, and discovering how resilient they can become.

For anyone looking for the perfect picture book to read at night, Sky Eiko presents a family treasure to help children (and you!) express, feel, and connect to the gifts of inner love. This book is a heartfelt dedication for:

• For parents & teachers who want to teach their kids about self-resourcing & self-regulation
• For conscious/mindful families who want to teach their children about how much love, inner-guidance, and wellbeing lives inside of them

• For those who have lost loved ones and want to find new ways to feel connected to them
• For caretakers who want their children to know just how loved they are
• For those who want a calming, melodic read that will fill kids up with love before going to sleep
• For those who love their kids so much but struggle to find the words to express it

• For adults and the elderly who live far from their family and want to feel more connected to them.

About The Author

SKY EIKO, (formerly known as Tehya Sky), is a writer & mama devoted to living a life of simplicity, presence, artfulness, and love. Her debut book A Ceremony Called Life: When Your Morning Coffee Is as Sacred as Holy Water, (a work of spiritual nonfiction), was published by Sounds True in 2016. Since giving birth to her son Sage, she has been writing children’s books and helping other parents raise resilient, autonomous, connected kids. “Treasure Chest of Kisses,” her debut picture book, will be released in March of 2023. For more, visit 

Sky Eiko Photo: Alyssa Keys)

About the Author

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