Published On: Thu, Nov 18th, 2021

Boca Raton officials propose plans to expand FAU housing

Boca Raton officials are proposing plans to expand Florida Atlantic University’s housing.

As reported by CBS 12 News, there are over 18,000 students at FAU but less than 5,000 live on campus.

The university’s website states that resident halls on campus are at 100% capacity.

It also states that although FAU has expanded housing options with a new dormitory in August, a majority of the university’s students still live off-campus. Most of the students live in nearby residential neighborhoods.

City Councilman Andy Thomson states that there has been rising tension between Boca Raton residents and college students over housing. Thomson states that more housing options for students would benefit the entire community. 

“I don’t know about you, but I may not have been the best neighbor when I was in college. I think the city has observed that there are issues with college students living amongst young families, and working folks,” says Thomson. 

Thomson is proposing a plan to revitalize part of NW 20 Street and turn it into a “college street.” The plan is expected to help with noise complaints and parking issues and would include coffee shops, bookstores and more housing options for students. 

The next steps of the proposal, according to Thompson, would be to include discussions with fellow city officials. The discussions would also include University officials and be about rezoning the area. 

“Right now, 20th Street is largely industrial. If the city were to allow for mixed uses it’ll be better for everybody- the students, the residents and the city,” says Thomson.

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