FutureGen Robotics Launches Start Engine Crowdfunding Campaign with Goal of Relieving People of Life’s Most Laborious Tasks

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Boca Raton, FL (September 1, 2021)—FutureGen Robotics has announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine. The engineering firm is asking for the public’s help to raise funds to accelerate the production of its SmartMow mower. By increasing SmartMow production, FutureGen will secure additional capital to increase the firm’s capacity to develop and launch an exciting new portfolio of AI-based products that will give people back their time by eliminating life’s most tedious tasks.

FutureGen Robotics has already launched its SmartMow high-performance robot lawnmower. The mower currently has three patents pending and is for sale to the public. It uses the power of AI and high-tech sensors to deliver a safe and meticulous lawn mowing with each use. Currently, SmartMow is built to order, but FutureGen is looking to ramp up production so it can use proceeds from SmartMow sales to fund future product innovations.

One such innovation FutureGen is looking to accelerate is its Floorbot robotic floor cleaning system. This AI-powered floor scrubber will save businesses time by taking care of the dirty and tedious work of cleaning floors in industrial spaces such as small gyms, yoga studios, and clinics where clean, sanitary floors are essential. The Floorbot currently has an anticipated launch in the first quarter of 2022.

The firm also has a contract with a major airline for its future Generations AI-based asset tracking software and FAA compliance passive equipment tracking solution.

“At FGR, we are constantly innovating and forecasting to develop products that save people time and money through AI-driven robotics,” said Michael Letsky, CEO and founder of FutureGen Robotics. “With this Start Engine campaign, we will be able to boost production of our signature SmartMow product, which will, in turn, accelerate research and development of future technologies that will make life easier for people across the globe.”

To learn more about FutureGen Robotics or to contribute to its Start Engine Campaign, visit https://www.startengine.com/futuregen-robotics.

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For more information about FutureGen Robotics or media inquiries, please contact Mike Letsky at [email protected]

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