Published On: Wed, Oct 28th, 2020

Former Spanish River Community High School Principal Recants On A Statement He Made Last Year Which Contributed To His Reassignment

Words hold meaning and this was especially apparent for the families and students who are part of Spanish River Community High School. When, in a 2018 email to a parent, William Latson, the school’s former principal could not confirm the reality of the Holocaust’s existence.

“Latson said it’s never too late to do the right thing, which is why he is apologizing for his “ill-considered remarks,” WFLX reporter, Peter Burke said.

Latson’s choice of words, among other things, led him to being fired in July of 2019. But when he realized the impact of his words on the Boca Raton community, he decided to do the right thing and make amends to the public for his insensitive remark.

Per WFLX, “I apologize to the Palm Beach County community, the school board, the school administration, the parents, students, teachers of Palm Beach County, the Jewish community and everyone offended or hurt by my mistake,” Latson said.

He wanted the public and the community to be sure of the amount of education on the Holocaust the school district puts into to teaching the students and that he is not a denier of the Holocaust. 

“I am not a Holocaust denier,” Latson went on to say. “I have never been a Holocaust denier. I am sorry that my comments caused people to think that,” Latson said to WFLX reporter, Peter Burke.

Latson was fired for not following the Palm Beach County Code of Ethics and achieving malpractice. Yet, Robert Cohen, Administrative Law Judge did not file this reasoning as a termination because it “did not rise to the level of just cause,” Burke said.

At the beginning of this month, school board members gathered in to take a vote on reinstating Latson and the vote was in favor of his return at 4-3. However, school board Chairman, Frank Barbieri renounced his initial decision.

The school board will make a decision at next week’s meeting on the return of Latson to the Palm Beach County School Board. 

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