Published On: Wed, Sep 16th, 2020

Promise to Humanity Modified into a Pledge, Obtains Celebrity Endorsement

Adam and Josh Buchwald launched Promise to Humanity in May as a way to garner community support for abiding social distancing policies and safe social practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Adam and Josh launched a new campaign geared toward college students specifically as new cases of COVID-19 can be traced back to younger crowds and parties. They also are working with Matthew McConaughey to gain more support through his public endorsement and private advice. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 11.52.21
Adam and Josh Buchwald with their signed pledges

Their original campaign was focused around a digital contract for people to sign and post on their social media pages. This contract includes an agreement for those who sign to follow CDC guidelines and practice social distancing and not gather in large groups. The brothers have now opted for this same contract to be modified to a pledge hoping the change in wording will prompt more to get involved. 

This pledge currently has 10,209 downloads with a printable or digital version available in the standard format, or one modified for college students.

Since creating Promise to Humanity, Adam and Josh felt a celebrity endorsement would help their organization gain more mainstream media attention, therefore allowing more pledges to be signed. They have contacted hundreds of celebrity agents and are now proudly working with Matthew McConaughey to further spread their message.

“This is a huge milestone! With that said, we are very fortunate to be working with Matthew McConaughey to help expand the movement across the world,” Adam and Josh noted. “He was actually the one who inspired us to make a major change to our contract into a pledge.”

Josh, Adam and McConaughey
collaborating via Zoom

During their private zoom call, McConaughey advised the boys on not only the transition from a contract to a pledge but to include a college version of the pledge. The college pledges are similar to the standard format, except they include the college logo and an extra page marketed toward students.

“In order to target the college demographic, we are going to focus our time and efforts on getting in contact with fraternities and sororities in colleges,” the Buchwalds explained. “We think it is vital to get them involved first and start nominating their friends, people across campus, etc. We find it beneficial to nominate others as our goal is to keep the chain flowing.”

Matthew McConaughey and his pledge.

They hope to continue to gain celebrity endorsements and modify the Promise to Humanity movement to work best for everyone involved and prospective pledgees.

“I support Josh and Adam Buchwald’s Promise to Humanity pledge because the safer we are today, the more we can party tomorrow,” McConaughey concludes.

Their pledge and more general information can be found here:

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