Published On: Fri, Feb 23rd, 2018

Boca Raton Students Assemble at City Hall for Gun Reform Protest

Photo by Boca Paw Print

By: Bryanna Basilio

Following West Boca High School’s almost 11-mile journey to Marjory Stoneman Douglas for gun reform, many neighboring Boca Raton schools are following suit with their own walk out.

“The walk was really inspirational,” said Boca High senior and rising Country singer Maggie Baugh. “Seeing everyone at the school not only come together over a similar issue, we were a community wanting to make a difference.”

Baugh also performed at Stoneman Douglas High School a few days before the shooting.

“The kids and staff at Stoneman were unbelievably nice. They shouldn’t have had to go through this. Still shocked that this happened only a classroom over. ”

“The Douglas shooting really brought awareness to how real something like this is,” added Baugh. “Not only how it could’ve happened to our school, but also it brought awareness to the safety that needs to be improved. Students really want a change in safety codes at the school.”

Boca Raton City Hall saw over 1,500 students Tuesday, all protesting in front of the government building. Among the schools in attendance were Boca Raton High School, Olympic Heights High, Boca Raton Middle, Boca Raton Christian, Omni Middle and even West Boca Raton High. Many marching miles on foot to City Hall from their Boca schools with principals and staff also marching alongside their students.

“The walk out was a declaration from these students that they want to see sustainable change,” said Denis Estimon, a recent graduate of Boca High. Estimon is the founder of the student-led movement, We Dine Together, which has expanded to 40 states and 3 countries.

Photo by Boca Paw Print

“I always believed that the power to create change was in the students. These young leaders are realizing that this is their future and they simply want to be the ones creating it.”

At the protest, students held handmade signs reading, “Stop Gun Violence”, “Am I next? Ban Assault Rifles Now”, and “It Could’ve Been Us.” Chants such as “We want change” and “Stop the silence! End gun violence!” erupted from the crowds of students.

“The shooting took place so close to home,” said Estimon. “Some students have even lost their friends and are scared of losing their own lives as well.”

The City Hall rally has been called the largest gathering in Palm Beach County for the Never Again movement, which advocates for stricter gun laws so a tragedy like Stoneman Douglas and other school shootings will never occur again.

Thousands of Boca Raton students have united together to voice their opinions about gun reform and there is no indication they will stop their activism till they see effective change.

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