Published On: Fri, Nov 29th, 2019

5 Advantages of Using a Hydraulic Lift Table

A lift table raises or lowers goods using a scissor mechanism. The lift table raises hefty loads for short distances. Lift tables are typically used to load vehicles or handle pallets. Most of the lift tables utilize pumps that are electrically powered and hydraulic cylinders to move the scissor mechanism.

Hydraulic lift tables have changed the way most industries work, ranging from lumbar work, construction, and welding. These machines are powerful enough to lift 2.5 tons easily. The lifts are durable, reliable, and designed to make the job easier and faster. Employees do not suffer from fatigue and do not have to lift heavy objects manually.

Hydraulic lift tables are used in industries such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Companies that deal with power and energy
  • All type of manufacturing companies

There are various advantages of using hydraulic lift tables such as:

Improved Employee Safety

In any work environment, employee safety is paramount. A significant number of employees tend to develop back pains from many hours of lifting heavy items over extended periods. These repetitive actions take a toll on their joints and muscles, which can take many years of recovery. It is possible for employees working in such conditions to suffer injury from lifting objects incorrectly. Such injuries do not heal quickly and are extremely painful, meaning the injured employee will have to leave work, and the employer has to compensate the worker. Using a lifting table keeps all these health and safety problems at bay and makes the job easier for the employees and the employer.

Cost Efficiency

The lift table may be an expensive investment, but the price should not deter you from purchasing one. A hydraulic lift table will pay for itself in the long term. Considering all the above benefits and especially these lifts are designed to last for years, making the lift table a worthy investment, as you will not have to buy new machinery in a long time. If anything, you might have to purchase new machinery to get the benefits of updated technology. If you purchase high quality lift tables, chances are that you will not need to think about  purchasing more for a long time to come.

Improved Rates of Production

A lifting table, by default, lifts objects much faster than a human can. If you are in construction, you can speed up transportation of material up the building. In the case of assembly or welding areas, you can boost how much work you do in a single day. The lift does not replace workers; rather, it complements their efforts by reducing the workload and making workflow much better.

Adjustable Heights and Angles

Working with a hydraulic lift table improves the height and angle of objects. The lift handles heavy weights for long periods, and you only need to push a button to adjust the lift’s angle and height. This means you can inspect the load by bringing it closer, and you can quickly lower it back. This makes it easy to check for flaws or improve your design if you are welding or improve your precision.

Mobile Machinery

Most manual labor projects require the on-site presence of the employees, with the job location varying. A lift can be part of your mobile tools, making a massive difference to how you work on-site. It allows you to work faster, lift more loads, and therefore you can get more work done per day. Investing in an on-site lift table puts you ahead of your business competitors by a considerable margin.


Before you rush to buy a hydraulic lift table, you have to consider the following:

  • What you need it for
  • How many loads you need to be lifted
  • The safety features on the raise

Purchasing a hydraulic lift is a serious investment, but one that will give you a good return on investment if you buy the correct machine. The fact that it is durable and safe to use means that it gives you service over a long period and at the same time protects employees and saves you as the employer a significant amount in worker compensation.

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