Published On: Wed, Aug 7th, 2019

Improve Your Email Marketing With These 10 Successful Tips

In addition to a successful Facebook advertising agency, email marketing can be very beneficial. Email marketing has evolved into a complex group of strategies used to draw in a reader’s attention, in just a matter of a few seconds. With over a billion emails sent daily, it is important to master email marketing, so that you can successfully promote your products directly to customers. Once you understand what makes up a great email, you can experiment and test what works best for your personal business. Whether that may be addressing the customer by name, or changing up your subject line, you will ultimately see the best ROI if email marketing is used correctly. We will look at a few simple, yet extremely effective tips.

Subject Line

Starting off with a memorable subject line, that’s around 50 characters, will trigger someone’s eyes quickly. By grabbing your reader’s attention with a catchy subject line, you can assure higher click through and open rates. Try offering a deal or use phrases that increase urgency such as “Hurry, Renew Now.” You can also use the person’s name because it will provide a sense of personalization.

 Personalize It

In order to achieve the right level of personalization, start off by asking the customer questions like their name, birthday and business location. Once you’ve collected these basic bits of information, you can now address the person by name every time you send an email. This will stand out and create a sense of familiarity for the viewer when they see your business name attached. 


By subgrouping your emails you can expect the best results when email marketing. This is called segmenting. An example of segmenting would be focusing on a specific city, and the new businesses that have opened within a certain radius. When sending emails to this group, you can target the exact audience you are aiming for, just like you do with Facebook ads. This will also eliminate extra time spent sending emails to people who may live across the country, for example. By sending relevant emails to the receiver, you can target a specific audience, in order to increase engagement.

Send Mobile friendly emails

More than half of all emails sent are opened using an electronic device. This number is only expected to increase as we head into the future digital age. If we stop and think, most of us are starting our day by opening our email or Facebook page. This is a huge opportunity to take advantage of, as almost everyone checks their phones daily. If the email is not compatible the user is likely to delete it and unsubscribe from future contact. Making sure an email is easy to click-to-open on a mobile device is crucial and will ultimately improve revenue for your business. 

Have Personality 

When deciding between a personal email or an email from a cooperation you have never heard of, the choice is easy. You’d much rather read the one that is familiar to you. When you construct an email, write it as if you were addressing a friend. Keep it professional yet personal enough so the reader can gain a sense of trust in you. Having a clever writing style is always helpful too, as people like to read content that excites them!

Automated Emails

Now that you’ve targeted your key audience it’s time to make sure they are interested in what you have to offer. One way to do this is by sending a series of automated or trigger emails. Trigger emails are sent with a definite purpose. Whether they make you feel welcome by getting you excited about a product, or if they are meant to make you press the “Buy Now” button, they are all extremely successful when it comes to email marketing. We can take a statistic that looks at the number of people who put things into their shopping carts but never end up buying them. This number is up to 80% in certain industries. Without an automated email telling that person to come back and finish the purchase, the chances of capitalizing are very slim. An email service like Mailchim`p can do exactly this. Every time a person adds an item to their cart but doesn’t check out an email will be sent. 

Clear and Concise

In order to keep your customers captivated, always make sure your emails are to the point. You want to stand out, but also provide enough so they will want to act on what is being offered. Hyperlinks and clickable pictures are great tools to use. By inserting multiple clickable links into your text, you can increase the click through rates tremendously. Email marketing works best when there is a combination of great context and engaging visual content that makes the reader act.

Make it Easy to Read

Since almost everyone has a full inbox these days, stellar word choice is key. When you choose the right words, you start to create an experience for the reader that is enjoyable. As humans we are drawn to specific types of input. By using power words in subject lines for example, you can expect a reader to act. You can also implement sensory words to give the reader a picture of what you’re trying to convey. We can use psychology as well to improve email marketing. The use of color can be used with CTA buttons to provoke interest. Another example would be to use a picture of someone who’s happy. A person is likely to mimic the emotion that is portrayed in the picture. Here personalization can be used to create a deeper feeling of trust as well. If the material is easy to read, the reader is more likely to act.

Know Your Competitors

This may sound silly at first, but knowing what others are offering might give you an idea for your own marketing strategy. If another company is using something that works, feel free to get inspiration from it! Bring it back and adapt it to your model, then test it out to see if the concept fits for your target audience. After all, using what people like most just makes sense!

Turn to A/B Testing

Are you still second-guessing which subject line or template to run? In order to see the best ROI you need to collect some data first. This data is also easier to collect than you may think. Start off by testing something as drastic as what you’re offering. Then after applying the basics of what works, test something as simple as the color of a clickable link. Unless you split test your emails, you won’t truly know what works best. These simple trial and error experiments can increase conversions more than anything else.


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