Published On: Fri, Nov 30th, 2018

After Thanksgiving, What?

Boca Raton, FL – Our nation just celebrated its annual Thanksgiving holiday – the most American of all national festivities. It’s indeed good to have one day per year, when each citizen is forced to reflect on the good received, instead of remembering only the distresses which also accompany us every year, throughout life!

Hopefully this year more people came to recognize that we are a truly blessed country, and individually we are never devoid of manifold reasons for gratitude. No matter how bad and sad this year may have been, on account of varied, positive circumstances experienced, no one is ever without genuine reasons for gratitude.

And whatever deserved and received our thankfulness in the course of one specific day, needs to be extended in the days and months that follow. This needs to be so not only with the things for which gratitude has already been expressed, but also in anticipation of new, positive surprises which shall yet come, to gladden our lives.

Sadly, too many people have become self-sufficient to themselves, to the point that they imagine that all the good things that have come to them are exclusively due to their own efforts in seeking those things out, in securing on their own those blessings, with their money and through their own sweat and tears. Although this may be true to a point, the decisive factor is the strength and the ability which came from God Himself, for the attainment of those things!

Therefore, our thanks are due, first of all, to Almighty God Who is the giver of every good and perfect gift. It is He Who grants us ideas, wisdom, physical strength, and all else that leads into  the fulfillment of our dreams, and the palpable achievement of our goals.

Furthermore, God chooses not to work alone, but sends around some of His many human agents to encourage us, to aid us, and cooperate side by side with us in the performance of significant tasks which enrich our lives and contribute to our well-being and that of those who are dear to us.

Through my observation in the lives of others, and on account of my own personal experiences, I have come to learn that the more grateful one is, the more such person opens the way for newer, better, and greater gifts which we can secure. Also, the more we do for others, we also open routes for newer compensations that affect us tangibly not only for a moment, but for a much longer and significant period of our earthly journey!

Thus, in answering the question before us – After Thanksgiving, What? – the answer is simply, more thanksgiving, continual thanksgiving, joyful thanksgiving! Greater perception of what daily comes our way, sincere sensibility to the surprises that the Creator continually dispenses even to those incapable of acknowledging Him for Who He is, and for all He does – these are the necessary ingredients that can open our eyes, hearts and minds to celebrate thanksgiving all the time!



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