Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2017

Little League Season Concludes With Championship Day

By: Jack Rubin

IMG_8353Saturday was the most exciting day of the year for many Boca Raton Little Leaguers. Championship Saturday featured the top teams from each of the six divisions in their respective championship games.

The season began back in February for every aspiring-major league superstar, and three months of baseball concluded this weekend. Sugar Sand Park was filled with excitement on Saturday with parents, coaches, and other teams watching to see who would win their division championship.

In the youngest division of coach pitch, the Blue Jays and the Yankees emerged from a field of ten teams. The Blue Jays won the first championship of the day in a high scoring game, 13-11. They were the first-place team in coach pitch in the regular season and they won the championship, losing just one game all year.

The next game of the day was the major division championship, where the Tigers played the Phillies. The Tigers won 7-2 behind strong pitching all game. They were the first-place regular season team in their division as well.

IMG_8348The older minors division saw the Twins and the Astros face off. The Twins finished in fourth-place in the regular season at 7-7, but they made a postseason run to capture the championship. They took the championship by a score of 10-1.

At noon, the Orioles squared up against the Pirates for the intermediate 50/70 division title. They were the top two teams in the four-team league. The Orioles won 11-7 to take home the crown. The senior division also consisted of four teams. The Athletics beat the Marlins 4-1, finishing their year with just two losses.

Finally, the Nationals played the Phillies for the younger minors division championship. In the day’s second 24-run game, the Nationals were victorious, 15-9. The Nationals lost one game in the entire season.

It was a great year for every player in Boca Little League. The Fall season kicks off in September.

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