Published On: Fri, Apr 7th, 2017

Mrs. Florida Globe Takes Her Ambitions to Compete for New Title

By: Nikki Colonna

mrs-floridaMrs. Florida Globe, Deborah Bernstein, is taking a step further in her pageant career in June by competing for the title of Mrs. U.S. of A. and Mrs. Globe Classic in Las Vegas.

This recognition would impact her goals and aspirations as a spokesperson for the Women in Need Foundation and her roles in many other organizations throughout the community.

Bernstein has been competing in beauty pageants for most of her life. Along with being a strong, mature pageant girl with a passion to become the best version of herself, she has bigger dreams for herself and the WIN Foundation. She is working daily on goals that she has set for her and her foundation, but Bernstein has her long term ambitions as well.

“Part of my daily preparation involves staying fit, challenging myself to be positive all day and to eat as healthy (as possible) with the occasional Friday night pizza,” Bernstein said. “I have a clear vision to continue my commitment to women of all ages. The Mrs. Globe organization and the WIN Foundation give me extra motivation that is consistent with my personal commitments.”

Bernstein and her husband, Ted Bernstein, have created numerous organizations that assist the needs of others around them. Their hands-on work with different charity foundations has made her even more driven. She has important messages that she strives to voice to inspire girls and women through her campaigns and personal goals.

mrs-florida-2“Starting with young girls entering their first pageants, my message is about confidence and strength,” Deborah Bernstein explained. “As women get ready for the most important destination of their lives, I believe the confidence women get from this security is why my husband, Ted, and I love what we do so much.”

Bernstein’s next goal of being crowned Mrs. Globe will not be an easy one. There are many difficult steps that are needed to be taken in order to accomplish such a title.The need to stay fit, connected and positive are a must. It is also important to develop promoters. She works everyday to make her goals become closer and has much support from her husband, friends and many locals in the community.

“I believe every day is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired and that each of us has a daily choice about how to face the day,”  she said.

As a Florida Delegate, she hopes to continue her platform to help women plan for a secure retirement arrangement down the line. It is important to her to have good self esteem, confidence and a solid form of stability for the future.

Deborah Bernstein’s messages and foundations support these causes greatly. She works hard to be the best she can for herself and to show others around her that they can be the best they can be as well.

“I am excited to compete for the Mrs. U.S. of A. National title as well as the Mrs. Globe International competition to follow in October,” she said. “This pageant promotes, the mature, strong women, modern, educated, articulate who have a passion to become their personal best and give back.”

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