Published On: Wed, Jan 11th, 2017

Al Zucaro Enters Mayoral Race

unnamed-4At 10:00 am, community leader Al Zucaro filed paperwork declaring his candidacy for Boca Raton Mayor.

Zucaro is no stranger to the halls of local government. He served for 8 years, 1995 to 2002, as a City Commissioner in West Palm Beach and as the President of the City Commission in 2000 and 2001. Over his more than 3 decades in Palm Beach County, Zucaro has served on many boards and agencies including but not limited to the Tourist Development Council, the Film and Television Commission, Palm Beach County’s Planning and Zoning Board, the Workforce Alliance Board, the Economic Council, and many more.  He was then, and is now, a powerful voice in protecting the interests of the people.

With BocaWatch, he, along with many other concerned and dedicated residents, have brought about significant change to Boca Raton. The organization has given a platform to the citizens and has taken on developers with special interests to ensure growth within Boca Raton is responsible and sustainable. This change has not come easy. His candidacy is premised on one simple idea: putting residents first…always.

“Boca Raton is a special place,” said Zucaro in a statement. “Change is inevitable but change and overdevelopment should not destroy the history and charm of Boca Raton. The Mayor, as the symbolic head of Boca Raton’s representative government, must provide that leadership; must provide the protection for the residents against the ever-present winds of change. This leadership is missing.”

Al moved to Boca Raton nine years ago with his wife Yvonne Boice, never imagining he would re-enter politics, but he could not let one more day go by without addressing the issues facing voters.

According to a release, Zucaro promises to keep the resident fully informed as to the city actions and activities impacting their quality of life. He will welcome the resident to actively participate in the governmental process; to have a greater voice in the future growth of our City, his adopted city, a city in which is now his home.

“Let’s hold our city accountable. The people can hold me directly accountable to them. They, not the developer class, set my priorities and they must call me to task if I deviate from that promise. My policy is to bring common sense back to city hall, and putting residents first, always” Zucaro concluded.

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