Published On: Thu, Jul 21st, 2016

Know Your Limitations!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Nobody can ever do everything in the world that needs to be accomplished. In other words, no individual may be viewed as omni-competent. Yet, everyone can do some necessary thing. It’s imperative that people recognize what they can do best, and concentrate in that expertise!

Each individual should be more concerned in finding the place and the function to deliver with excellence, instead of attempting what would become an effort leading nowhere or a labor not providing the quality expected, thus causing unnecessary frustration and distress.

Unquestionably, certain people will always be ahead of others on account of certain abilities that come more naturally to them than other functions. Quality productions stem from personal understanding and proper use of talents, gifts, personal interest, and other factors related to an action envisioned for completion!

Knowing one’s limitations is as vital as recognizing one’s strengths for the eventual satisfaction being sought in personal productions in any field of endeavor. This allows the work being accomplished to reflect good quality, manifest excellence, bringing legitimate satisfaction to the beneficiaries of the work as it’s also the case with the one producing it!

That’s why in most fields of endeavor, people contribute in the areas where they spend a long time specializing, to deliver their best rather than just the “acceptable.” A cardiologist will not be effective as a gynecologist as he will be in his own field; a tax attorney won’t be as effective in constitutional law as those who specialized in that branch of the legal profession.

The creator has granted unique abilities to every human, and only time, study, and involvement in a variety of activities will help point where they can produce with confidence, deliver top quality, and continue improving the skills which will advance an area of productivity, and offer excellence to those who are to benefit from it.

Find your passion, develop your skills, never stop studying and improving, and lead a fulfilled life on earth positively affecting others with whatever service you can provide with honesty, top quality, and ever proven good results!

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