Published On: Tue, Jun 14th, 2016

June is Care for Older Adults Month – Help Raise Awareness for the Well Being of Older Adults

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By Licia Avelar

More and more people are living older these days and with old age, good health and well being becomes vital. This month is Care for Older Adults Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness for just that.

Every 15 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall, according to the National Council on Aging. This is why building strong muscles is so important. While one can exercise on their own by taking a daily walk or bike ride, one can also look to local senior and community centers that offer low cost options.

Yoga is a great program offered at most senior centers. With moves like the Plank or Pigeon, seniors can look to improve conditions like arthritis, diabetes, stress and even get a better sleep.

Zumba Gold is a take on the huge dance/fitness craze Zumba, but specifically designed for seniors. It combines fun music with lower impact dance moves aimed at building muscle and is offered at many local community centers.

Wanting to join a regular local gym, check out Silver Sneakers Fitness. It’s a program that aims to get seniors involved with fitness by offering Medicare-eligible senior memberships at various local gyms.

Maintaining a healthy mind and spirit is important too. Did you know that according to the National Council on Aging people over 85-years- old have the highest suicide rate of any age group?

elderly-smileWhile joining a local senior center where seniors can take in music, join a prayer or meditation group and other mind-stimulating activities, there are other outside options too.

Volunteer groups get seniors outside and lift their spirits through helping others. In addition to local food drives and hospital greeting, local wildlife centers are a great place for seniors to volunteer and learn at the same time.

Speaking of learning, going back to school is a great option too. According to the American Council on Education, almost 60% of accredited, degree-granting educational institutions nationwide offer tuition waivers for senior students. Now is the time to take in that class on Drama, Religious Studies, or even International Relations.

Finally, maintaining a healthy diet is key. Visiting with a nutritionist, which most senior centers have on hand, can help put together a meal plan for a healthy body through food and drink.

Through exercise, both mind and body, coupled with a healthy diet, seniors can avoid disease, depression and remain active members of the community longer than ever.

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