Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2016

“Operation Street Sweeper” Removes 11 Suspected Drug Dealers From Delray Streets

By CRA News Service

DELRAY BEACH – Eleven people were arrested in a two-month undercover investigation aimed at predatory drug dealers, authorities announced during a press conference recently.

Operation Street Sweeper also combatted the growing number of overdoses in the city, police said.

“This is our message to the predatory drug dealers who come to our city to prey on the vulnerable recovery population here: sooner or later, you will end up going to jail. If you are dealing heroin, stay out of Delray Beach,” police Chief Jeff Goldman said. “By no means is this the end of our enforcement efforts.”

Throughout the investigation, undercover officers repeatedly bought mostly heroin but some prescription pills and crack cocaine from dozens of dealers, police said. They then got arrest warrants for the drug dealers.

Police said they have seen a significant jump in the number of drug overdoses in the first three month this year over the same time last year. In the first three months this year, there were 163 drug overdoses, of which 131 involved heroin and 11 were fatal, police said.  In the first three months of 2015, there were only nine total overdoses and 195 for the entire year, police said.

Operation Street Sweeper is part of the agency’s three-prong approach to reduce the number of overdoses in Delray Beach, police said. That approach includes education, life-saving efforts and enforcement. The operation is ongoing.

“We’re going to make it really difficult for people to come into our community and deal heroin and prey on the community that’s here, that vulnerable community which is here,” Goldman said.


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