Published On: Mon, Mar 28th, 2016

New Concept Developed for Glades Road and I-95

By Veronica Haggar

Back in 2009 a plan to expand Glades Road into an eight-lane section was not well received. Since then, the Florida Department of Transportation has been working on developing an alternative plan.

Last week, Louis Costa, project manager of the AECOM consulting firm, explained how two ramps would be built. One ramp traveling west from the FAU main entrance which crosses over Airport Road, and a ramp heading east beginning at Northwest Executive Center Drive.

“The preliminary concept involves keeping a 6 lane section but separating the I-95 bound traffic on a physically separated ramp. We call it an auxiliary lane,” said Costa. “Basically we take out the traffic that is going to I-95 early enough at both ends of the project so that traffic can flow freely on Glades Road.”

According to Costa, the lanes would be reduced to include 7 foot buffered bicycle lanes.

The concept has a safer plan for pedestrians as well. The sidewalks would be relocated to the inside rather than the outside of the ramps so pedestrians would not have to be crossing within the interchange, Costa explained.

The new ramps separate I-95 bound traffic from Glades Road traffic and would give drivers more space and time to decide whether to continue on Glades Rd or take the I-95.

According to Fausto Gomez, project manager of the Florida Transportation Department, the original concept had an estimate of nearly $51.4 million. Even though there’s not an estimate for the new project, Gomez guaranteed it will be a lot less than the original project.

Gomez said construction could begin in 2017.

“I think (the new concept) really achieves the purpose without adding a lot more asphalt,” said Susan Haynie, mayor of Boca Raton.

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