Published On: Sat, Oct 24th, 2015

Tom Sawyer is One of Boca’s Most Delightful Spots

By Veronica Haggar

Tom Sawyer Restaurant and Pastry has been around for 30 years now and still fascinates the locals and captivates the visitors with it’s delicious breakfast, lunch, and their heavenly brunch menu.

The restaurant has an interesting concept of serving only breakfast and lunch during weekdays and brunch during weekends, closing early during the day.

“I bought this place almost eight years ago,” said Alain Tallard, owner of the glorious restaurant and pastry. “I think it was, at the beginning, a breakfast place open only at night because it was a bar before on the side and they did some breakfast for the people in the bar and then after they opened later in the morning until 2 o’clock, like today.”

Since Tom Sawyer has been around for quite some time now, there are a lot of customers that have become loyal to the restaurant.

“I go to Tom Sawyer around twice a month,” said Whitney Foster, loyal customer at Tom Sawyer. “I love the atmosphere and amazing food.”

The restaurant has a variety of exquisite options on the menu like the Breakfast Skillet, which is an all in one skillet, cooked with home fries and cheese, two eggs, and a choice of biscuits, toast, or English muffin. Customers can choose the style of the skillet from western, three meats, or veggie skillet.

“My favorite dish is the same thing I order probably 80% of the time, croissant French toast with eggs, bacon and a Cali cup on the side,” said Foster. “My second favorite is definitely the breakfast skillet with bacon.”

The House Breakfast Specials are named after Mark Twain and his beloved characters, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Aunt Polly. It also includes a French, Country, and English breakfast.

“It’s a country breakfast that means a lot of food in the plate,” explained Tallard. “We do a lot of things like french toast, which is really good, the french croissant, we have also cinnamon,” said Tallard. “We have some dish, a dish we only have here, it’s called ‘Breakfast in a Pot’ and it’s a big pot with everything inside, some sausage and everything inside, you need to see it.”

Tom Sawyer has opened a second location in West Palm Beach, which brings back the original “restaurant and bar” concept.

“The menu for breakfast and lunch is exactly the same. The restaurant over there is bigger than this one because we have a bar, that’s why we’re open at night,” stated Tallard. “At night it’s like we have country food but we have also some shrimp, and a couple of different things, but it’s almost the same atmosphere than here, everything is in wood,” described Tallard. “It’s very nice over there.”

The restaurant hasn’t changed much since Tallard bought it. The menu is still based on country food.

“What I did is all the decoration,” declared Tallard. “I changed the floor, I changed the decoration but almost all the booth were here, the tables were here, I didn’t change too much it was like original.”

“I feel like I’m in a little cottage up north every time I walk in, especially during the holidays with all the twinkling lights,” said Foster about the decor of the restaurant.

With a wide variety of yummy options, friendly staff, and affordable meals, Tom Sawyer is definitely Boca’s top choice for breakfast, lunch, and brunch.

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  1. I can attest to the validity of this article, as well as to the quality of the food and the genial atmosphere.

    I’ve been going there for nearly twenty years and have never been disappointed.

    BTW – No, the owner is NOT my brother!

  2. […] Patrons enjoy the various breakfast and lunch dishes Tom Sawyer offers during the week, along with the spectacular brunch options over the weekend. The breakfast skillet items offer a number of egg dishes along with home fries, toast, biscuits, the works. For more details on this long-standing eatery, click here:: Tom Sawyer is One of Boca’s Most Delightful Spots […]

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