Published On: Mon, Jun 29th, 2015

Staying Safe in Detroit

If you plan on traveling across the states, then it’s important you learn about the crime rates in the major cities so that you can take steps to keep yourself safe. When it comes to violent crime, Detroit is the most dangerous city in America, but if you are proactive, you can avoid becoming a victim during your stay. You must always be aware of your surroundings so that you don’t expose yourself to additional threats. In addition to violent crimes, you could have your belongings stolen if you do not take proactive steps to secure them. Although it might take some time and effort, learning to protect yourself is always worth it.


When you want to stay safe during your trip, learning about the violent crimes to which you could be exposed is a good start. A lot of the violence in Detroit can be attributed to gang activity, but armed robbery and auto theft also play a role. With 45 homicides per 100,000 residents, Detroit has the highest homicide rate in America. Assault is another serious crime you might encounter while you are visiting Detroit.


Theft is a common occurrence in the city of Detroit, and nobody is entirely safe. Criminals will sometimes park on the side of the highway so that people think their car has broken down, but when people stop to help, they are mugged at gunpoint. You are also at risk of having your car broken into at night by criminals who want to steal your personal items.

Staying Safe

Luckily, you can do many things to protect yourself while staying in a dangerous city. The downtown area is relatively safe, but the surrounding area is not. If you travel a few blocks from the city, then your risk of becoming a victim dramatically increases. So, you must do your best to avoid leaving the downtown area, but that is not enough to prevent crime. After dark, even the nicest parts of Detroit become an arena for violence.

No matter where you are, it’s best to avoid traveling alone so that you don’t become an easy target, so you must try to stay in a group of at least three to five people whenever possible. Criminals often want to find an easy target, and being in a group can discourage them. It’s also important you keep any valuable items hidden from sight so that you don’t attract unwanted attention.

If possible, always park in an area that has several street lights nearby because doing so will reduce the odds of someone breaking into your car. Try not to leave expensive items in your vehicle overnight so that they are not easy to spot, but if you have no other choice, then hide them in the trunk or under the seat. Always get your keys out in advance when you are walking to your car so that you don’t become distracted by looking for them in the parking lot.

Being aware of your surroundings is a big part of staying safe in any city. Also, take note of the people around you at all times. If anything seems unusual, get to a safe area or call for help right away. Be alert when you are at stop signs and traffic lights because some criminals sit near them and wait for their next victim.

Final Thoughts

Even though Detroit is a dangerous city, you can take steps to avoid being victimized. You want to focus on prevention and how you can avoid finding yourself in a dangerous situation in the first place. Because no area of Detroit is safe from violent crime, you must always use caution and good judgment.

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