Published On: Thu, May 28th, 2015

Let Joy Characterize Your Days!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.


One of the greatest curses affecting contemporary society is boredom. In spite of new technologies intended to simplify life, and gadgets which can literally bring the entire world to anyone by a touch from the fingertips, and so much more, several people still complain about being bored.


Even youth, stemming from the financial upper crust of society, often go into shoplifting and committing more serious crimes, “just for the thrill of it” as several of them have personally testified.


Sadly, there are also mature citizens who do not know what to do meaningfully with their free moments. They may fulfil their weekly “obligations” for earning a living, going to church, and socializing with family, friends, and neighbors. Yet, there is exactly where their excitement also ends, even if they could also enjoy good literature, besides engaging in a few other random, meaningful activities.


After all, people are so wired that each new day can be lived with a sense of excitement and the experience of true joy.


Whether residing singly or in families, each citizen of earth may ascertain in advance the preferred ways of planning each day with sufficient time for personal growth and for meaningful service directed toward others.


It is only when one thinks of somebody else more than one’s self that varied new opportunities often emerge to impact one’s neighbour positively, even through relatively simple acts of good will and kindness.


If you truly desire to make each new day meaningfully busy and exciting, start thinking of others and of what you can do for them. It may be sending a letter or a note to cheer someone up, offering to take an elderly person to an appointment, making some phone calls to shut-ins, or those in convalescence, being an ever-present friend to many.


Humans are daily surrounded with manifold opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of countless persons. Ultimately, there is no greater joy than to contribute to mending lives, and providing healing to specific individuals who need it! When this attitude prevails in your heart, I can guarantee that much joy shall characterize your days!

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  1. Entire Bocas says:

    Boredom = First world problems.

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