Published On: Tue, May 1st, 2012

Vitality Laser Spa, the Finest Health and Beauty Treatments Imagined

By: Gina Onori

BOCA RATON- Immediately after Lyons and Glades Road intersect, rests Vitality Laser Spa in which one can experience the finest health and beauty treatments imagined. The spa includes laser hair removal, manicures, pedicuress, skin tightening, acne treatments, facials, messages, cellulite treatments, spray tans, temporary tattoos, botox, fillers, teeth whitening,  and non-surgical face lifts.

Owners Shiela Nahari and Miriam Sinovetz have been running the spa since January 2011.  All of the products in the spa are vegan, and all of the treatments are natural.

“We made a place where people can feel good about themselves,” said Nahari.

“We want people to come and enjoy the experience and feel pretty,” added Sinovetz. “It is a wellness center in which we mix health with beauty.”

Vitality Laser Spa caters to all age groups and genders. A teenage girl may want a spray tan for prom, a 30-year-old woman who just had a baby might desire skin tightening for her stretch marks, or a 40-year-old man may need laser treatment to get rid of the unruly hair on his back. Vitality Laser Spa does not discriminate in any sense.

Packages range depending on which treatment one desires. Laser hair removal is currently the most popular package at the spa. It is effortless and does not involve any pain. A top-of-the-line light goes inside of the skin and dries out the folicals. However, one treatment won’t do the trick. Everyone is different, but successful therapies range anywhere from 4-8 treatments.

“It’s practical,” said Nahari. “With laser removal you don’t have to be wasting time shaving.”

Vitality Laser Spa is running a special in laser hair removal for a $299.00 package in which one can receive lower legs, brazilian bikini, and underarms treated. The spa is also holding another special for the same price in which  one can receive chest, shoulders and ½ arm lasered.

Other package deals include a package of 10 non-surgical face lifts for $1,500.00, or $250.00 per session. Facials range anywhere from $75.00 to $250.00 depending on which kind one wants. Massage treatments also range from $20.00 to $85.00 depending on the area of the body and the time desired.

Vitality Laser Spa is presently promoting a Mother’s Day special in which 4 facial treatments are $400 and 4 skin tightening sessions are $1,500.   This is a superb gift proposal for your loved one this Mother’s Day.

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