Published On: Sat, Apr 28th, 2012

Lynn University librarian builds presidential debate research guide

BOCA RATON — Leecy Barnett, a librarian in the Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn Library, recently developed a research guide specific to presidential debates in anticipation of Lynn University hosting the third and final presidential debate on Oct. 22.

“When Academic Vice President Gregg Cox encouraged the faculty to include lessons about the debates in their spring and fall classes, creating a debate research guide seemed like a great way the library could contribute to the debate fever on campus,” said Barnett who has produced scores of online research guides to support Lynn’s curriculum.

Lynn students studying political science, history, sociology and/or communication will be among those who use the guides over the next few months. Although most of the articles and e-books are from proprietary databases restricted to the Lynn community, the guide allows anyone from the public to access all the past debate videos in one place.

Excluding the 1980 debate between Ronald Regan and the independent candidate, John Anderson, that President Carter boycotted, the guide includes footage of every televised presidential debate from 1960, 1976-2008.

“It’s important to put this year’s debates in context of past debates,” said Barnett. “The materials will give great insight. In fact, students in a Media and Society course are currently using the resources to write an essay on ‘Reflections and Expectations of the 2012 Debate at Lynn University.’”

Barnett has worked at Lynn’s library for more than 15 years, serving her last six years as a reference and instruction librarian. She earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in history.

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