Published On: Mon, Mar 7th, 2011

Hey Miami, Give Wade the Ball

By: Pedro Heizer

The Miami Heat are losing close games faster than a person loses their money in a casino. Not only have these games been lost, but they’ve been epic losses.

First, we lost to Chicago on Feb. 24 by four, then we give up a lead to the New York Knicks and lose at home, then we blow a 24-point lead to the Orlando Magic.

After that, we were “blitzed” in San Antonio and lost by 30 in probably the most embarrassing game of the season.

Then on Sunday, we once again let the halftime lead evaporate as we let the Chicago Bulls sweep the season series from us in a heartbreaking 87-86 defeat.

The only thing constant in those losses, the ones that were close at least, was the fact head coach Erik Spoelstra had LeBron James have the ball late in the game.

Regardless of how he played the entire fourth quarter, LeBron gets the ball and always does the same thing…an isolation play at the top of the key, in which he either drives in (like versus NY and Chicago) or shoots a three (like the February 24 Chicago game or Orlando)……

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