Published On: Mon, Jun 20th, 2011

Pedestrian Promenade work in Boca on track for July completion

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BOCA RATON – Construction of the Pedestrian Promenade on Palmetto Park Road is still on track for a July completion, Mayor Susan Whelchel recently told the Federation of Boca Raton Homeowners Associations.

The city had delayed the final major phase of construction at the request of downtown businesses, who said that street closings would hurt their customer trade.  Work halted, but resumed May 10 – at the end of “season.”  The last phase of construction includes the removal of the existing asphalt roadway, raising the elevation of the street and installing brick pavers and wide crosswalks.

The intersections that are being completed are NE 5th Ave., SE 4th Ave., SE 3rd Ave., Mizner Boulevard and Plaza Real South, all on Palmetto Park Road. There are also two crosswalk areas to be constructed: one between NE 5th Avenue and SE 4th Avenue and another between SE 3rd Avenue and Mizner Boulevard.

The latest report from City Hall says three of the four phases of the final segment of work are complete and the roads are open, except for the crosswalk in the 400 block of Palmetto Park Road, where work was delayed “due to some unforeseen circumstances,” the report says.

Completion of the final segment of phase 4 has been divided into two projects. Work on segment 4A, the Plaza Real South intersection, has begun.  The reconstruction of Mizner Boulevard will be finished as part of Segment 4B.

The report says breaking phase 4 into two segments was done “to achieve a better traffic flow on Mizner Boulevard while Plaza Real South work is being completed, and to shut down Mizner Boulevard after NE 1st Avenue is open to the public.”

In addition, the report said, all utility work has been and new streetlights on NE 1st Avenue and Boca Raton Road have been energized.”  Landscaping of NE 1st Avenue began June 6.




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