Published On: Wed, Dec 11th, 2019

FAU Alumni Sued by FAU

Former FAU student, Neil Parsont, was sued due to the use of the FAU Owl in the advertisement of his tutoring site, but the problem doesn’t stop there. 

He named his tutoring program Owl Tutoring, in order to confuse FAU students into thinking his private lessons are related to the university. According to the Palm Beach Post, while Parsont was still a student at FAU in 2013 getting a Masters’ in Business, he emailed fellow classmates that Owl Tutoring was a program run by FAU, lying that it was his own. Since he was still a student at FAU, the university was able to punish him, and Parsont’s was forced to put a disclaimer on his site that he is not affiliated with FAU and also stopped emailing fellow students.

According to the Palm Beach Post, three years later, in 2016, a father of an FAU student claimed his daughter was molested by Parsont. The father then called FAU thinking that Parsont’s Owl Tutoring program was affiliated with FAU. FAU could not do anything to help the father and daughter because Parsont and his tutoring program were not affiliated with the university. So, it seems as though after graduating from FAU, he took the disclaimer down from his site. This means that his university punishments of violating codes of conduct turned into legitimate lawsuits. Parsont’s has been battling with FAU for years now, from before even graduating to now.

The Owl Tutoring program ended in late 2018, but according to the Palm Beach Post, the website is still up. Overall, Neil Parsont’s has been nuisance with FAU for years now, specifically since 2013. In the current lawsuit, FAU just wants Parsont to get rid of the owl logo on his site, even though it is not running anymore.

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