Published On: Mon, Jul 11th, 2016

The Boca Raton Tribune is Ready!

The 275th Edition of The Boca Raton Tribune is out and ready to be viewed! If you haven’t been able to pick up the paper in one of our boxes, you can look at the paper’s electronic version below.

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  1. Carlee says:

    Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear meegssa!

  2. Le jeu des 7 différences.Les différences sont :- le point sur le noeud de l’oursonne- la couleur du bouton de la cape de l’oursonnne- le « C » à l’envers de l’ourson à la cape rouge- un ourson collé au niveau de la truffe de l’ourson à la cape rouge- la disparition des petits points sur la truffe de l’ourson à la cape blanche- le point blanc enlevé sur la truffe de l’hérisson- la disparition de l’ombre de l’hérissonVoilà, maintenant il ne reste plus qu’à attendre le résultat !

  3. Aaaaah ce granité béni des dieux… mes papilles s’en souviennent avec émotion u__uJ’suis fan du mini bateau et du mini avion de la dernière page! trop cute! ^^

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  5. Anyway my racist white friends, I enjoyed our little palaver, but I am off to play nine before it rains here, and to get some bun and cheese from my favorite Jamaican eatery. Carry on.

  6. I think that Jack died on the island and once he was able to grasp that in sideways world, he was able to let everyone move on to heaven or something. Not that everyone died at the same time, but they all eventually died and Jack was able to move on after that happened. I think.

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