Published On: Tue, May 3rd, 2011

My Best and Most Glamorous BEAUTY SECRET…. Is Really No Secret At All…

By: Oleda Baker

I went to Manhattan from Miami at the age of 26 to see if I could make it with a high fashion modeling agency doing TV and photography. (I was so naïve I had no idea in those days a model was “old” at 26).

Being naïve worked for me in this case as I did “make it.” I was told by the head of the agency “you look 19…you are 19.”

I soon took note that many of the N. Y. high fashion models were wearing “false lashes” – I made a beeline to Bloomingdales on Lexington Avenue the first week I was accepted by the agency and bought two pairs….since then I have worn them every day…I even sleep in them most of the time! Can you  imagine…50 years of wearing  ersatz  eyelashes…I love them…would rather be seen with no lipstick, rollers in my hair, no eyebrow pencil –  even caught naked than to be caught without my eyelashes! I am the mistress of false eyelashes….I have them on in all of my pictures over the past 50 years…can you tell? For me lashes do more for beauty and glamour than any other single thing. Now if you are one of those with your own natural, beautiful thick lashes…I’m jealous…very jealous!

I thought everyone knew I wore them…it wasn’t a secret. One day, while having my nails done, I mentioned to my manicurist (of 8 years) that one of my lashes seemed loose.  She looked up at me with surprise and said she never realized I wore them. Next time she did my nails she was wearing a pair herself.

Why More Ladies Do Not Try Them

I find that many women are reluctant to try false eyelashes because they don’t know how. . .or which type or color to buy. . .or they’ve seen some that look ridiculous and don’t want to look like “that.”  The most difficult part is to find the ones that look natural, flexible, are on a clear plastic strip, not too thick and not too thin but j-u-s-t right. They should give the face a soft, youthful, glamorous look. It’s really simple to apply them, easier than you might imagine.

The correct look: Clear strip, soft hair and feathered.

Step-by-step instructions – how to put them on.


* With a tissue or thin washcloth remove all oils from your eyelids. This will ensure your lashes will stay on longer.

* If the lashes are too wide, trim them to fit. To be sure the false eyelashes will feel comfortable on your eyelids, place each lash on a lid (without glue) to see if the strip might be too wide. I always have to trim the width a little. Snip just a few hairs at a time until you have the correct width that feels comfortable for you.

*The lashes might be longer than you prefer… if so, trim the length shorter – not too much – you can always go back and trim more. Point the end of the scissors downward into the top of the eyelashes and snip down into the lash tips. Do not cut straight across, since you do not want an even cut…they look more natural when slightly uneven. Make a number of snips. This will create a slightly uneven, more natural appearance.

* Apply eyelash glue on the clear strip part…I put a little glue on my vanity table, and then pick some up with a toothpick and place it on the strip part …just run the toothpick across the strip…you don’t need much. Some people squeeze the tube directly on the strip but I usually get too much on that way.  Now with both hands holding the lash at each end, place the center of it at the center of your natural eyelashes. Use tweezers to adjust the false lash making sure it is next to your own natural ones pushing it down all the way across on the lid. You will have about a full minute before the glue dries to make any adjustment.  One or two experiments and you’ll be an expert.

* To remove, pinch the edge of the lash near your nose, and gently, slowly, lift it toward your ear. If there’s any resistance, put a drop of water on the stuck spot and wait a few seconds. It will then come off easily.

*To clean false eyelashes place them on a counter and put a few drops of water over them. After a minute or so the glue will be easy to pull off the clear strip with your fingers or finger nails. Pull the glue off lashes away from the strip part of the lash and your lashes will last longer. (As opposed to pulling glue through the hair part of the lash) If the lashes are a little messed up, don’t worry; put them on your finger, lengthwise, and actually comb them out. Let dry and they will be ready to wear again. You can also place the lashes between tissues; wrap the tissue around a pencil and let dry or store.

* I often sleep with my false lashes still on. Since I take tub baths (not showers), they stay dry, so I leave them on when I cleanse my face at night and climb into bed. Occasionally I find one on the pillow in the morning or in my hair…but not to worry I always find it! When that happens, I simply clean them and put them back on!


No false eyelashes










False eyelashes & makeup










False eyelashes & makeup









No false eyelashes









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Until next time,

Love, Oleda

Oleda Baker, now 76, began her career as a high fashion model with the prestigious Wilhelmina Model Agency, in New York City. She is the author of ten books on beauty, health and anti-aging and one novel Reluctant Goddess. Oleda is founder and CEO of Oleda and Company, Inc., her 38-year-old anti-aging products company for skin, hair, diet, energy, nutritional supplement products as well as special makeup.

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