Published On: Thu, Jun 23rd, 2022

Registered Agent Services: A Rundown of the Best in Florida

Choosing and appointing a registered agent is crucial in just about all processes a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or corporation have to undergo in order to operate in the state of Florida. There are companies that provide registered agent services as a means of simplifying the process of finding an agent yourself.

In assuring that your business is operating in compliance with Florida state laws, finding a good registered agent makes a difference. Incorporation Guru offers a review of some of the best recommended Registered Agent Florida services.

Registered Agents

A registered agent must be chosen and assigned to the business as the party that accepts and authorizes any official administrative and legal documentation on behalf of the business. Playing an essential role in facilitating the process for businesses, registered agents are required as the middleman in most administrative orders that a business needs to undergo. 

Most require a yearly payment for services rendered, which include the processing of all official documents that are required to be received. These companies also remind you of the various checkpoints along the process that need to be completed, and when or how to go about it. By acting as the registered agent, they ensure that all required prerequisites are met.

An LLC may not act as its own registered agent, however an owner or associated person of the business may take this role on. A registered agent may be an entity in the form of a registered organization with active filing in Florida offering the respective services. Alternatively the agent may be an individual undertaking the duties themself. 

Florida Law

For businesses transacting in Florida, the law states that it is required to have a registered agent in order to see out the necessary administrative duties associated with a business and their dealings. This is mostly the same state to state, however it is important to be aware of the specifics applicable to Florida.

In accordance with The Florida Business Corporation Act, the chosen agent must acknowledge their acceptance of appointment in writing. All businesses practicing in Florida must elect a registered agent, this is applicable for both foreign and domestic businesses. The registered agent that is chosen must be a Florida resident or an authorized business in the state. Once elected and appointed, the business has to state the name and address of the agent on the Articles of Organization.

The Rundown

ZenBusiness offers great services at a good price point of $99 per year. With reliable customer support, trusted reviews and valuable offerings they top the list. They also offer to form the LLC or corporation for $39 and further provide a year’s registered agent services. Regardless of not having as much experience as competitors, they have a competitive edge and provide quality service.

Northwest Registered Agent offers more premium services for $125. They also offer free registered agent services upon forming a business for $39 plus a state fee. Their competitive edge is offering volume discounts if services are required in various states, however they no longer offer mail forwarding for free.

Incfile offers registered agent services for $119, which includes free business formation services. They have great ratings and reviews, however a downfall would be their excessive upselling which can put clients off.

Rocket Lawyer brings in their offering at a premium price point of $149.99 for more experienced, well-known services trusted by many. They have great customer support and a solid reputation, which is seen to justify the high price point. However, they do not offer free registered agent services with their business formation services. That said, there is an option of legal services for $39.99 per month with which subscribers get a 25% discount on registered agent fees as well as free business formation.

LegalZoom comes in with the highest pricing of $299, but they have been trusted by millions of businesses. Within the industry, they do have the longest support hours and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee upon overcoming the hefty price point.

Final Thoughts

There are various reputable companies offering services as registered agents, the choice comes down to what works best for each individual business and their respective case. Depending on the agency you decide to go with, there will be varied elements however the services offered will remain along the same lines.

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