Published On: Thu, Jun 23rd, 2022

Florida Excellent LLC Formation Services in 2022

When starting the process of forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC), there are a few things to keep under consideration. This will differ state to state spending where the formation will take place, so naturally certain rules and regulations will apply specifically to Florida. The easiest way to go about the whole thing is by taking on the help of professionals to assist with LLC formation services. Incorporation Guru lists the best Florida LLC Formation options there are out there currently. 

Forming an LLC can be done in a variety of ways, either taking it upon yourself from start to finish or by hiring a company to undergo the process for you. These services simplify it all and if chosen correctly, the right company will offer a great price point for services rendered too. This is a great option for start-ups in particular as they aren’t in the position to pay attorneys huge sums of money just to form an LLC and complete the respective legalities.

By hiring an LLC service, businesses are presented with a reliable, easy option to get the process covered online in a comprehensive way that takes the strain off the owners. Within the state of Florida, businesses have a great selection of companies to choose from in forming their LLC and potentially moving forward with other services too. The state pro-business climate also helps facilitate great opportunities for businesses across the board as they level up and take the next steps.

Florida LLCs

Simply put, LLCs are taxed in the same manner as sole proprietorships or general partnerships. They are not subject to income taxes and can elect to be classified and taxed as a corporation. Florida does not subject citizens to person income tax, which makes a variety of prospects more viable financially. 

A Florida LLC has benefits from the dynamics of the state alone, which are further complemented by the advantages of forming an LLC and reaping the benefits that follow.

LLC Formation Services 

Zenbusiness comes in at a great price point with great service offerings too. For $39 plus a state fee, an LLC can be formed will a year’s registered agent services included too. This is a great option financially. Backed by great reviews and good customer support, they are a solid option. Zenbusiness offers great value overall and an added plus is that they are also a business operating consciously from a social standpoint.

Northwest Registered Agent offers LLC formation services at $39, which also includes a year of registered agent services – which is originally priced at $225 when opted for without a discount. They provide unparalleled customer support, which is a pro for clients looking for a more premium option.

Incfile offers free LLC formation upon the business paying the respective state fee, which also comes with a year’s registered agent services. Although their customer service turnaround time lags slightly, they have great customer reviews, ratings and feedback. This is a great option for those looking at a good price point to get the needed services carried out.

Legal Zoom comes in with LLC formation services at $79. Besides having a solid reputation in the industry, they have great customer reviews. Their offerings don’t offer as much as their competitors, however they have a solid standing as a trusted company in the field.


With Florida offering a variety of great picks for LLC formation services, the choice ultimately comes down to what is best for the individual business and their needs, budget and plans. With most options coming in with great offers, the choice might be determined by a slight trade-off between quality and quantity, however all the recommendations hold ranking for good reason.

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