Published On: Thu, Apr 9th, 2020

The Boca Raton Tribune Launches New Mobile App

The new app highlights various features and resources for a simple way to access our news. 

At The Boca Raton Tribune, we realize that citizens are often very knowledgeable about what is going on in their area. These recent, uncertain times demonstrate how many of our readers have their finger on the pulse, working to inform others within their community. 

The Boca Tribune app aims to embrace the user’s active voice. Priding ourselves in being 100 percent community-oriented with news that matters to the residents of Boca Raton and the greater Palm Beach County, our new app will allow more people to voice their opinions through an established platform. 

We know no one knows your neighborhood better than you, and we acknowledge that we are unable to be at every single location at the same time. And so, with the iReport feature on our app, YOU become the reporter!

Do you have news from your neighborhood or area that you would like to share? Just click on the iReport tab to send us your news! We will then publish it on our website! This amazing easy-to-use feature allows users to embrace a more active voice in their community and inform others on what is going on in their area before anyone else. 

Gain access to a variety of news stories all in one place. Read up on local news, as well as; business, sports, and entertainment articles. 

We have made it as sleek and simple as possible for our app users through a drop-down navigation menu on the app’s homepage. The drop-down menu allows users to sort through article categories and find what they are interested in reading. 

Like an article you found on The Boca Tribune app? Simply click the “star” icon on the lower right hand of the app to automatically save the article under the “Favorites” category of the navigation page. 

Access a customizable calendar of local events, explore all the events taking place in your area. This calendar allows users to see current and future events within the community. Users also have the ability to add their own events to this calendar for all to see. 

View a portable E-Edition of The Boca Tribune’s paper. If you are not the type to read a physical newspaper or just want on-the-go access, our E-Edition perfectly mirrors our physical newspaper at the touch of a fingertip. 

The Boca Raton Tribune is not only a newspaper but a multimedia marketing solution with a variety of tools and sources that work to assist the growth of small businesses. On the “Advertise with us” tab, users can find out more about how to market their small business to a broader audience through help of the Boca Raton Tribune. 

Support your local businesses, discover a variety of local vendors, businesses and services through the “Business Directory” on the app. You may also find out how to feature your own service or business. 

Download our newest app and welcome to The Boca Raton Tribune, we truly are “Your Closest Neighbor.” 


The Boca Raton Tribune is a local newspaper featuring a variety of knowledgeable columnists and writers covering an array of news stories that pertain to the surrounding cities. The emphasis on community makes the Tribune one of the most personable local newspapers through encouraging readers to reach out with their opinions. If you live in the general Palm Beach County area and would like to stay updated on local news stories or want to reach out with your own stories, visit our site at, our Facebook and Twitter @bocatribune, or email us at

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