Published On: Tue, Nov 23rd, 2021

Boca Raton Tribune Statement on Boca Raton Gazette’s Plagiarism

The Boca Raton Tribune owners have been made aware of a new website that has been populating our news and passing it off as their own. The website in question is named Boca Raton Gazette, which is simply copying and pasting all of our stories. 

Not only are they just simply being completely unethical when it comes to simplifying copying the stories, they are also deliberately making errors on the stories, and thus, causing confusion among our readership, customers, and clients. The Boca Raton Tribune has tried to contact the owners of the website but was unsuccessful in doing so, however, our legal team was able to find out the information needed for us to serve them for copyright, among other claims.

To be clear, we do not own or have any association with Boca Raton Gazette. We welcome new local voices in the community, but when we are blatantly being plagiarized and not given the credit for our writing, that’s when we must take action. 

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