Published On: Thu, Jun 20th, 2024

World Cup Cricket: Why has the USA been so successful?

NOTE: I was working as a press officer for the ICC during the Group Stage, so was unable to write about the tournament until now. Hence why this article is running now and not over the weekend. I want to thank Ed Boreth for sitting in for me covering this tournament the last several weeks.

The United States shock qualification out of the Group Stage in their first ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup has been a hot topic of conversation globally. In fact, it’s been a much hotter topic outside the US than in the country. That’s because Cricket still doesn’t register with most Americans, and the ICC’s decision to award co-hosting rights to the US was controversial to say the least.

Despite yesterday’s loss in the Super 8 opener to South Africa, the USA’s ability to hang in matches with top international sides and even beat one in Pakistan is shocking the world.

The performances thus far have been made all the more shocking when you consider the USA’s recent history. The nation was suspended from international cricket for years due to organizational corruption and mismanagement. Additionally, the USA has been close to qualifying for previous World Cup’s but never quite made it. Now suddenly, they’re pushing the best in the world to the limit.

So why has the USA come out of nowhere to be successful?

  • A team spirit which has led to successful batting partnerships and chases. Gous & Jones versus Canada. Monank & Taylor versus Pakistan. Nitish & Anderson versus India. Gous & Harmeet versus South Africa.
  • Andries Gous is the top run scorer in the World Cup to this point.
  • Saurabh Netravalkar’s clutch bowling. This is made all the more amazing by recalling that Netravalkar is a part-time Cricketer. Unlike many of his teammates who are full professionals, Netravalkar is a software engineer at Oracle by day.
  • Stuart Law being hired as USA Coach. He is experienced hand both as a great player and now elite manager. Law has instilled a clear fighting spirit in the side.

On Friday in Lauderhill when the USA’s advancement to the Super 8 was confirmed, Aaron Jones said the following:

It’s a big thing for us to be honest. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been speaking about playing in the World Cup, playing more games against the Full member Nations and stuff like that. And here we are doing it right now. And obviously qualifying for the Super 8s is really good. Not only for us right now in the moment but I think we’ll qualify for the 2026 World Cup as well so I think it’s a big thing for us is really good for us and not only for us but the fans around America as well we really appreciate them for sure and not only for the fans but for the younger generation in America as well is really good.

USA Cricketer Aaron Jones, June 14, 2024

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