Published On: Fri, Jun 21st, 2024

Planetary Lifeguard Award

“You and I live on “Planet Imagination,” an astute friend recently wrote to me after seeing the beginnings of the Planetary Lifeguard Award I created to “blow the whistle on climate change,” now in its early stages of production.

When colorfully covered in fine material this award will be given to companies whose renewable energy products are helping our environment recover from decades of carbon emissions bombardment and other pollutants causing climate change havoc worldwide.

I also just wrote and published a book titled Planetary Lifeguard, Blowing the Whistle on Climate Change. Tom Madden’s New Book ‘Planetary Lifeguard: Blowing the Whistle on Climate Change’ Available on Amazon! (  

“Thanks Bill, your appreciation means a lot,” I emailed him back, but knowing his sense of humor, I couldn’t resist adding this quip about how he signs his emails “warmest regards” as he did on this one ironically in this context of my award to combat climate change.

So, I wrote back to him this hopefully amusing advisory.

“Amid the global warming now threatening us, henceforth I’d urge you to drop the expression ‘warmest regards.’” 

Very coolly yours, Tom

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