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Armando, Planetary Lifeguard™ Congratulates You for Combatting Climate Change by Capturing Carbon!

Siemens to help Florida power generator capture carbon dioxide emissions coming from this coal-fired power plant on Tampa Bay

On the renewable energy front, Planetary Lifeguard congratulates Armando Pimentel, FPL president and CEO, for pushing his company to go solar and  replacing fossil fuel generators with renewable power. 

What a wise step in such a right direction, says Planetary Lifeguard about your plans to reduce the carbon emissions that are dangerously warming our planet, choking our environment and causing such havoc as the worst hurricane season ever is just ahead.

How wise you are, my environmental friend, says Planetary Lifeguard especially in a state like Florida with as many as 1,000 people moving here each day, a trend that isn’t expected to let up and that’s pushing up demand for electricity like crazy.

Three cheers for Juno Beach-based Florida Power & Light’s looking to replace its fossil fuel generators with renewable power, as reported by Ashley Portero of the South Florida Business Journal.  Good job, Ashley!

How wonderful and timely for FPL’s parent company, NextEra Energy, to begin planning to fully make the switch to renewable power generation by 2045. For reaching that goal Planetary Lifeguard wishes you good luck and God speed,

And congratulations for becoming one of the only utilities in the U.S. that has pledged to cut all carbon emissions from its operations. Maybe you can do it sooner.

Planetary Lifeguard is getting reports that solar and battery storage will be FPL’s main source of renewable energy and under the company’s plan, FPL is developing thousands of acres of land across South Florida for solar panels.

Even with that herculean progress, however, FPL will need many more sites to meet the 2045 goal.

That’s a challenge, says Planetary Lifeguard, since you’ll have to compete with residential and commercial real estate developers also hungry for land as Florida continues to be inundated by a flood of new residents fleeing climate-caused upheavals up north like coastal cities there literally sinking.

Planetary Lifeguard applauds when you say why it matters so much to clean up our environment and why it’s so smart also financially as renewable energy sourced from solar panels and storage batteries is more cost effective than fossil fuels like natural gas.

And now my Planetary Lifeguard urges you to think of him as a motivator, an inspiring symbol just as Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter were during world wars and Smoky the Bandit got us to safely put out our camping fires so they won’t destroy something so incredibly valuable–trees.

Planetary Lifetguard stands ready to educate and enlighten the public on how what you’re planning to do in reducing harmful emissions is so important to everyone’s wellbeing.

Author and public relations guru Tom Madden created Planetary Lifeguard to encourage and inspire far-sighted leaders like Armando Pimentel to combat climate change before it sinks us with disastrous weather eating away our shorelines.   Madden is the CEO of TransMedia Group, a national public relations firm he started when he left NBC and the author of many books, his latest WORDSHINE MAN about how to make writing inviting. 

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