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Try This at the Grocery Store to Reduce Stress and Save Time

(StatePoint) With grocery store shelves loaded up with new and unfamiliar products, and social media influencers touting this or that food brand, a trip to the supermarket is not always quick or easy. After all, there are few consumer decisions more important than what you feed your family.

Fortunately, there is a way to tell whether a certain product is already loved by other shoppers. Whether you’re shopping online or ordering a grocery delivery through an app, Product of the Year USA can be a go-to resource. Each year it identifies the best new products as voted on by tens of thousands of consumers. The largest such consumer-voted award of its kind, you can be sure when you spot the iconic red seal that a given product is tried and true.

“Great products deserve to be celebrated and consumers deserve to know about them,” says Mike Nolan, global CEO of Product of the Year Management. “In a crowded physical and digital marketplace, we’re eager to help people cut through the noise and clutter.”

To reduce stress and save time on your supermarket visits, consider adding these 18 2024 Product of the Year food and beverage winners to your shopping list:

To enter the 2024 Product of the Year Sweepstakes for a chance to win a selection of this year’s winning products, visit For more information and for the complete list of this year’s winners, visit, and follow along on social media with #POYUSA2024 on Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn.

Time to restock the pantry and fridge? Let the “hivemind” help you make great decisions for your family quickly and with ease.

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