Published On: Thu, Dec 7th, 2023

How to watch The Game Awards (and what to expect)


By Ash Parrish

The Game Awards will air under a cloud of tension brought on by calls to address the unique circumstances of video game development in 2023.

Geoff Keighley’s Happy Holiday Game-a-palooza, also known as The Game Awards (but that’s less fun), kicks off Thursday, December 7th, at 7:30PM ET / 4:30PM PT. You can watch the show on just about anything that permits livestreaming events. The list of participating platforms is actually pretty impressive. There are the standards, like Twitch and YouTube. TikTok makes an appearance, along with X / Twitter (enjoy watching in 720p, though). Then there are platforms like Kick, Instagram Live, and… Google Play (no, seriously).

Regardless of where you decide to watch, your experience watching The Game Awards will be reminiscent of Mr. Keighley’s summertime Game-a-palooza, Opening Night Live. There will be a lot of advertisements for games, awards will occasionally be doled out, the words “World Premiere” will flash on the screen a bunch, and Geoff will pal around with his gaming friends before — by god, it’s Hideo Kojima with a steel chair!

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