Published On: Wed, Nov 8th, 2023

Ivanka Trump takes the stand in former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial


Ivanka Trump, daughter of former President Donald Trump, has been called to the witness stand Wednesday to answer questions regarding fraudulent financial documents filed by the Trump Organization.

Ivanka Trump, is not a defendant, is expected to be the last witness called by the state attorney general’s legal team in a civil fraud trial that will determine the penalties faced by other members of the Trump family.

She had been the executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization. During questioning led by AG lawyer Louis Solomon, Trump was asked about her knowledge of her father’s statements of financial conditions.

“Not that I am aware of,” she said.

Trump was asked about her involvement in executing the purchase of the Trump National Doral property in Miami, Fla. The attorney general’s lawsuit alleges that Donald Trump’s inflated statements were used to secure a $125 million loan from Deutsche Bank and were regularly submitted to the bank to fulfill Donald Trump’s financial reporting requirements as guarantor on the loan.

Ivanka Trump testified that she didn’t recall if the bank asked for the statements or if she offered them.

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