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How much time does time have?

by Douglas Heizer

“Teach us to count our days so that our hearts may gain wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

We know that time is literally flying by.

For me personally, the year 2023 has passed very quickly, and I didn’t even realize it until last week when I received my 2024 agenda. That startled me!

For a moment, I wanted to understand what was wrong with this order, but there was nothing wrong; we are already in September, and 9 months have passed!

Then I started to remember some things.

I remembered the joy of having my mother here at home for 3 months, I remembered her arriving on January 3rd.

I remembered all the training and planning for the governorship of Rotary District 6930. The seminars I organized, and the lectures I gave.

I remembered the honorific order I received from the President of the Republic of Brazil

I remembered that my sister Daisy Vargas and I had been dealing with our mother’s recovery for almost three months and how it involved us in finding the right professionals.

I remembered the time I’ve had to talk to my father, Jose Maria Heizer, and that I should still have more time to help him as he needed.

I remembered the changes in my children’s lives in this short time and how they continue to grow!

I remembered so many things we have done and the ones that we didn’t, in the Boca Raton Tribune, Heizer Marketing, Certifica USA, Boca Raton FC, and the restructuring that Dini Heizer and I are implementing. The meetings with the team around the world. I remembered that business has been growing.

I remembered my inauguration as Rotary Governor and the preparation that preceded it. I remembered the flat tire on Interstate 95. I also remembered the first months of transition and the time wasted on some challenges that didn’t need to exist.

I remembered the visits I’ve made to the Rotary Clubs in my region. I remembered the excitement of the members of my district about everything we’ve done together.

I remembered the dozens, maybe almost hundreds of online meetings. The dozens of in-person meetings, some miles away.

I remembered the dozens of work or leisure events I’ve attended and the joy of seeing loved ones again and meeting new people. I also remembered complaining about going to most of these events but being happy and thankful to Dini Heizer for making me go because, in the end, I love going to all of them and meeting people! Yes, I’ve become a bit grumpy.

I remembered the mangoes that Doug Mosley provided me with during this wonderful mango season!I remembered that I went to pick strawberries and that I went to visit the Flager Museum.

I remembered the restaurants I’ve been to, the 4th of July at Roger Dean Stadium and the COVID that prevented me from being a judge at this year’s Burger Battle. I also remember I was able to be a judge at the Lip Sync Battle and the FAU football game I went to. Go Owls!

I remembered the things I’ve been doing at home, the paintings I’ve been trying to finish, the books, the chats with friends, which I confess have been few. My favorite songs I’ve been listening to and the new ones that I am discovering. The things I’ve been learning. What I’ve started to see with different eyes. I think they call this maturity.

I remembered the times I’ve been to church and when I can’t go and regret it. I am planning some things that God will help me execute.

I remembered the dozens of projects I’ve planned, the ones I’m planning, and the ones I’m executing. I remembered the wonderful people who have been helping me with this.

I remembered that I have had time to go to the doctor for check-ups and also remembered that I have been neglecting my physical exercises.

And we are still in early September.

Then I remembered that God had been good all this time and understood that time hadn’t passed so quickly after all. In reality, I just haven’t paid much attention to it; I’ve just been moving forward.

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