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Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2023

Brazilian Physical Therapist Emerges As A Leading Figure In Tri-County Region With Innovative Treatment Protocol For Jaw Disorders And Tensional Headaches

By Giovana Bartholazzi Marques

Raquel Costa Rangel, hailing from Brasília, the capital of Brazil, but shaped by her academic and professional journey in Minas Gerais, is rapidly gaining recognition as a pioneering figure in the field of physical therapy. Her groundbreaking treatment protocol for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and tensional headaches is garnering acclaim across the Tri-County region, encompassing Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties in South Florida.

Raquel’s journey in the realm of physical therapy commenced with the completion of her bachelor’s degree in physical therapy in 1999. Over the years, she further honed her expertise through two graduate degrees, specializing in Trauma – Orthopedics in 2001, and achieving a research master’s degree in physical therapy in 2004 by defending her dissertation before a panel of PH.D.s. Her exceptional dedication to the field was evident from the outset, as she was granted the prestigious CAPES-MEC scholarship during her master’s program, a highly competitive federal scholarship achievement.

One of her early mentors, S. P. Resende, recollects his impressions of Raquel during her formative years: “I met Ms. Rangel in 1995 during her PT bachelor studies at the University. At that time, she caught my attention for being outstanding and proactive in all activities. In addition, she worked as a volunteer on the Basketball team (1998/1999) for which I was responsible for the PT service, showing huge professionalism, even though she was an intern. Later, I invited Ms. Raquel Costa Rangel to be part of our physical therapists’ team at the clinic that I used to manage. She worked for almost 12 years at our center, always demonstrating competence, leadership, and a high level of commitment. Meanwhile, she opened her private office and became a professor at the University.”

Raquel’s commitment to science extended beyond her academic pursuits, as she dedicated herself to scientific projects, even while balancing roles as a professor of Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Physiology at four different universities in Minas Gerais. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and a relentless pursuit of excellence led her to relocate to Florida, United States, 12 years ago, despite arriving with limited English proficiency.

In her quest to provide the best possible care to American citizens, Raquel Costa Rangel embarked on a journey of language acquisition, culminating in the completion of a second master’s degree in Biblical Studies to achieve fluency in English. Her unwavering determination paved the way for her licensure as a physical therapist in Florida.

Today, Raquel stands as a shining beacon of expertise in the Tri-County region, specializing in the treatment of TMJ disorders and tensional headaches. Her upcoming offering, the “Life Changing Pain Relief” Method for jaw and headaches, set to launch in October 2023, has been crafted over 23 years of hands-on experience, utilizing muscle chains, manual therapies, and an intricate understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology.

Over the past three years, Raquel has earned a stream of accolades and 5-star Google reviews from patients who have experienced her transformative care. One grateful patient, V.Y., shared, “I arrived with terrible pain in my jaw and suffered from a headache for 3 months straight. I was diagnosed with TMJ Dysfunction by several specialists. My condition was so dire that my shoulders were uneven, my neck was pushed forward, and my bite was off. I knew my bite was wrong, but I had no idea about my posture, my neck, and that my shoulders were out of alignment until I met Raquel. The first day she treated me, I felt immediate relief. After 32 years of my TMJ getting progressively worse, and the last 3 months of terrible headaches, I found relief. Now my posture is better, my jaw no longer hurts, and my bite is actually being corrected! I am very grateful for Raquel!”

Raquel’s method has not only garnered praise from patients but also from local professionals like Dr. D.G. B., a dentist who stated, “To date, Ms. Rangel’s method of treatment, including her experienced technique, her level of expert care, and her gentle manner with my patients, has been the most effective solution I have found to treat this disease. She is truly a miracle worker.”

The highly anticipated “Life Changing Pain Relief- LCPR” Method for jaw and headaches will be available as an e-book on Amazon, Hotmart, with additional information accessible on and @myphysiocoach.usa on Instagram. As Raquel Costa Rangel continues to make waves in the field of physical therapy, her pioneering approach promises to bring relief and transformation to those seeking relief from TMJ disorders and tensional headaches in the Tri-County region and beyond.

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