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Boca Raton Locals Win National Championship Title in Competitive Bridge

ACBL_NABC Winners_GNT Championship

Boca Raton, FL – Competitions are the driving force behind the popularity of the card game bridge. Notably standing out among competitors are Boca Raton natives Jeffrey Wolfson, David Berkowitz, Jerry Stamatov, Jack Zhao and Sondra Schubiner, who all claimed a victory this July at the 2023 Summer North American Bridge Championship, hosted by the American Contract Bridge League, in Chicago.

These are major achievements that I hope you share in the Tribune. Feel free to use the attached photos.

The 2023 Summer NABC hosted more than 3,500 bridge players of all skill levels from across the world and over 8,300 tables of play over the course of the tournament. The ACBL, the commissioner of competitive bridge in North America, hosts an NABC three times per year. Participants compete for masterpoints, the exclusive currency of ACBL that measures achievement in duplicate bridge competition. 

ACBL_NABC Winners_Wagar Women’s Pairs
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