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4 Tips for Integrating Nature Into Your Interior Design

(StatePoint) This spring home improvement season, get inspired by the outdoors with biophilic design.

“Biophilic design – the concept of integrating nature into interior design – is not only gorgeous, it fosters a healthy living environment, promotes happiness and comfort, and reduces stress,” says Jennifer Kline, multimedia graphic artist at ProVia. “There are many ways to reap these wellness benefits while adding vitality to your living spaces.”

To connect to the natural world within your home, consider these ideas:

Foster Tranquility

Taking a stroll through the forest can summon feelings of tranquility. Capture this inner peace at home from the moment you step inside with a fiberglass woodgrain entry door. Those from ProVia provide authentic-looking woodgrain textures, such as oak, cherry, mahogany, knotty alder and fir, and can accommodate various door glass enhancements. Engineered for energy efficiency, they’re also a sustainable choice, helping you protect the natural world as you embrace its splendor. Other design choices, such as exposed rustic ceiling timbers, rich hardwood furniture, hardwood oak floors from and vinyl woodgrain windows can help you carry the forest motif throughout the home, while imbuing interiors with richness and warmth.

Let Light in

“If you’re lacking natural light, it’s time to open those blinds and drapes and let the sunlight stream through your windows. It may also be time to consider a few enhancements that will help you enjoy more sunshine and observe your natural surroundings, even when you can’t be outdoors,” says Kline.

For kitchens and breakfast nooks, bathrooms and dens, consider vinyl garden windows, which invite more light into your space and include shelves ideal for housing indoor plants, such as fragrant herbs. Their three-dimensional design helps give rooms an airy, spacious feel. Family rooms and bedrooms are great locations for vinyl picture windows, which let in large amounts of light while providing unobstructed views of outdoor scenery. Need inspiration? Visit ProVia’s Window Photo Gallery at

In instances where natural light seems lacking despite efforts to maximize window exposure, it’s crucial to inspect the condition of your existing windows. Over time, wear and tear can compromise their ability to effectively transmit light, detracting from the ambiance and functionality of your living spaces. Moreover, damaged or inefficient windows can lead to energy loss and potential discomfort, especially in climates with extreme weather conditions. Residents in University Place seeking to revitalize their interiors and optimize natural light intake may find solace in exploring Glass Door Replacement Services in University Place. By consulting with professionals specializing in window repair and replacement, homeowners can identify tailored solutions to address any underlying issues hindering light penetration and overall window performance.

To brighten your foyer, add an entry door with glass. Energy efficient sliding glass patio doors also let in sunlight, and give you the option to invite fresh air into your home or enjoy the melodies of singing birds on nice days. Skylights can flood small or closed-off spaces such as walk-in closets or bathrooms with light and give you views of blue skies.

Let it Grow

To give your home a welcoming, fresh feel, add various houseplants and indulge in fresh-cut flowers. A windowsill with small plants of varying shades of green can add texture, while larger potted plants near doorways help guests feel welcome. Fill dark, underutilized spaces with taller plants and place bright, lightly-scented garden flowers in such spots as the kitchen island and coffee tables. Use earthen or wood-carved vases for additional warmth.

Create Drama

From the warm brown tones of a picturesque southwestern mesa to the cool, earthy feel of quarried rock, manufactured stone veneer adds rugged texture, intriguing patterns and shapes, and a variety of hues straight from Earth’s natural color palette.

Whether you’re creating a focal point in a bedroom with an accent wall, adding character to your kitchen with a stone veneer backsplash, surrounding a tub with stone veneer for a spa-like bathroom, or highlighting your fireplace, different stone profiles and grout colors can help you customize the look. Experiment with combinations using ProVia’s visualizer tool found at

In the kitchen, incorporating a stone veneer backsplash can instantly elevate the ambiance and functionality of the space. Whether you opt for sleek slate tiles or rustic river rock, the natural texture and earthy tones of stone add depth and character to any kitchen design. With the right choice of stone profile and grout color, you can seamlessly integrate this feature into your existing décor while creating a focal point that draws the eye. Imagine cooking amidst the timeless elegance of a stone backsplash, where each tile tells a story of rugged beauty and enduring quality. For homeowners in Reno, NV looking to enhance their kitchen further, consider complementing your stone backsplash with a Water Softener Installation in Reno, NV. Not only does softened water contribute to cleaner dishes and smoother operation of kitchen appliances, but it also helps preserve the longevity of your stone surfaces, ensuring they maintain their luster for years to come.

As you embark on the journey of enhancing your living space with the timeless appeal of manufactured stone veneer, it’s essential to consider the meticulous craftsmanship required to achieve a flawless finish. Alongside the installation of these stunning stone accents, attention to detail extends to the preparation and repair of underlying surfaces such as drywall.

Ensuring a smooth and seamless foundation is integral to the success of your stone veneer project. That’s why partnering with professionals skilled in Drywall Finishing in Forest, VA, is paramount. These experts possess the expertise to meticulously repair and refine drywall surfaces, guaranteeing a pristine canvas for the intricate application of stone veneer. By entrusting the finishing touches to seasoned professionals, you can elevate the aesthetic impact of your space while reveling in the rugged beauty of nature-inspired design.

“Incorporating biophilic elements into your interior design can transform your home into a warm respite from your busy life,” says Kline.

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