Published On: Mon, Jun 5th, 2023


Yo Mad, a shipment of words just arrived.  Get your ass over to loading dock four.  Start putting them words where they belong. 

Yes sir, Madden responds wishing they’d call him by his right name.  Not make him sound like a mad man.  So, maddening!

Hurry, Mad, more words will be unloading gates six, seven and eight in about half an hour.  Hop-hop, mad. 

Yes sir.  Yes sir, I’m on it.  Forgive me if I’m a bit wordy.  I’m just a bit tired this morning.  And my father named me after his father, MADDEN!

Get with it, Mad.  You’re a WORDSHINE MAN.  So, get workin’ on them words.  Put ‘em in the right sentences. And make them there sentences invitin’ to read.  And don’t take all day!

It’s “those” words, sir.  Not “them” words.

What’s the difference, Mad.  They’re yours to organize, put in the right places. Now go, Mad!

Yes sir.  I’ll go mad.

Well, that’s how WORDSHINE MAN starts his maddening workday in the word factory. It’s tense. Often, the wrong tense.  And he has to correct it.

Parking the right words into spaces in sentences isn’t all that easy, and can be maddening sometime, but you must if you want people to read what you parked.

Truck load after truck load dumps them and it’s the wordsmith’s job to put them in the right places that makes sense.  Some are going into press releases. So, they better shine. And that’s what WORDSHINE does.  Puts the right ones where they belong for maximum effect and maximum impact.  Is that redundant?  Repark!

He polishes writing to make it inviting. That’s why his latest book WORDSHINE MAN is a must-read for writers.

Here’s an excerpt of a review just received from a pair of dashing wordsmith hero friends of his, Darwin and Danforth.     

Tom, your latest book is brilliant, a shining overview of the man known as “The Wordshine Man.” It should become required reading in PR offices and in journalism classes at universities.  It’s a valuable resource for media pros, including headline writers. I wish I’d had access to it back in 1960, during my first job at The Miami Herald. My duties included (gasp!) writing “late edition,” hotly contested headlines late, late during the night shift, as Cold War news exploded across the newsroom, long ago and far away.  

Danforth Prince, President, and

Don’t worry, WORDSHINE MAN MADDEN plans to be writing articles in Boomer Times, another job he’s soon taking on as its new publisher succeeding the unconquerable Anita Finley, the founder and publisher for 33 resourceful, creative, and consecutive years.

That’s after he gets off working at the word factory at the PR firm TransMedia Group he started when he left NBC in that city that never sleeps and where once upon a time, when just starting out in what’s called a career, he worked parttime unloading UPS trucks.  True Story.

These days with inflation kicking our butts, we have to work several jobs just to make ends meet.   And Madden has a whole lot of ends to meet.  One is unloading and repackaging words into articles, blogs and books.

So, please enjoy them.  And then he won’t mind so much his back aching from all the word lifting, unpacking, repacking and neatly arranging he does daily.  

Thank you, precious reader.  You’re the star of the show, from whom all writers seek madly to get your eye autographs on their words at work. 

Writing is a hard job but done right brings such relief for reader and writer.

Tom Madden believes his latest book WORDSHINE MAN is almost a self-portrait as it focuses on the main things in his life—words.  Those are the words he judiciously places into his articles, blogs and books and into the press releases he polishes at his PR firm, TransMedia Group, designed to make his clients well known, greatly appreciated and some of them billionaires.

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