New Café Opens in the Town Center Mall Offering a Green Experience

The Harvest Patio is an immersive experience and biophilic escapeland inspired by the tropical heaven that is Costa Rica. They offer specialty coffee along with craft beer, wine, and fresh cuisine.
A new cafe, The Harvest Patio has opened in the Town Center Mall! This cafe was brought to life through the vision of an extraordinary visionary and entrepreneur, Mariana Mata. Through her work with her other two businesses, The Pots, and Green Harmony, she was able to pursue her dream of opening a Cafeteria in Florida. The Harvest Patio is an experience like no other, that transcends the idea of specialty coffee and greenery design into a new light. The ambience of this new space creates a warm sense of community that allows you to leave the hustle and bustle behind and experience the ease of nature and calmness. The Harvest Patio offers specialty coffee from Costa Rica, craft beer, wine, fresh cuisine, divine pastries, and impeccable service. Since the opening of The Harvest Patio amazing feedback has been received. One review describes the tranquility of being immersed in the cafe. Another reviewer states “They also have an assortment of coffee drinks, delectable pastries, a wicked food list and spirits which I will not dive…but cannonball into during my next visit,”. The impeccable feedback from the Boca community is a note of fantastic service and design that is being employed at The Harvest Patio.

About The Harvest Patio:

The Harvest Patio began with a dream from owner, Mariana Mata. A seed of belief was planted in the heart of this visionary. The desire to create something unique and fulfilling, combining design and nature, began to take root. Mariana had an unwavering belief in her dreams, and it led her on a journey from Costa Rica to Florida. With determination and a clear vision, she set out to create a concept that would revolutionize the way people experience plants. She envisioned a plant store, The Pots, that would not only offer a wide variety of plants but also serve as a hub for design inspiration and education. To enhance the experience, a cozy cafeteria was integrated, allowing visitors to immerse themselves fully in the world of greenery, and thus was born, The Harvest Patio.
The Harvest Patio has now added and begun the trifecta of passion and determination for Mariana. Come stop by The Harvest Patio and experience coffee for your mind, oxygen for your lungs, and green for your soul!

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