Published On: Tue, May 16th, 2023


How long am I going to need this pillow guy?

Well, the management above has granted me an extended stay at this luxury resort hotel called planet earth for which my wife Rita and I are most grateful.

We’re relieved the chest x-ray taken yesterday at the ER at Boca Raton Regional Hospital turned out clear, so I don’t have what the nurse practitioner at the CVS MinuteClinic was so concerned about, pneumonia.   My tests for flu and covid there were negative. But what about that “pn” word

With my fever then over 101 and her hearing something in my right lung, combined with my relatively low blood oxygen level, it was suggesting to her I might have (ugh) pneumonia.  Since I walked there, could it be walking pneumonia that can’t sit still?

The emergency room staff at Boca Raton Regional was excellent, friendly, yet dutifully professional, only I wish they wouldn’t keep asking my birth date over and over, which in today’s fast-paced business world is almost a badge saying be careful he may fall. 

Today is a much different story.  My blood oxygen has gone up from the paltry 93 it was yesterday morning back to flying at its normal altitude in the high nineties and I’m feeling back to my old (change that) to my former self.

I even plan to walk on the sunny beach today at low tide with Rita in her bikini, although every time we pass a group of young men, I make sure we’re holding hands, as I’m still not ready to step into the ring and go 12 rounds just yet. 

When he’s not going to drugstores or emergency rooms, the ever health-conscious Tom Madden is writing, articles, books and blogs, like his and his latest book WORDSHINE MAN about keeping writing healthy, or he’s promoting the financial health of companies his PR firm TransMedia Group represents.

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