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Not Just Your Bubbe’s Synagogue… New Rabbi-Cantor Brings ‘Outside the Bimah’ Approach to Temple Beth El in West Palm Beach

Rabbi-Cantor Gaston Bogomolni

Gospel Shabbat, Jewish Country/Western Crooner and ‘Non-Seder Seder’ Just a Few of the Unique Offerings at the 97-Year-Old Shul on Flagler Drive

West Palm Beach, FL – “We’re not just your Bubbe’s synagogue,” states the new web site for Temple Beth El of West Palm Beach.  

And, judging by the recent events – an interfaith Gospel Shabbat, a Jewish Country and Western crooner and the unconventional “Non-Seder Seder” – the Conservative synagogue that is counting down to its 100th anniversary is not going gently into its next century.  

“We are changing the paradigm of the Jewish experience,” says Rabbi-Cantor Gaston Bogomolni, Temple Beth El’s new spiritual leader, who has brought boundless energy and a new brand of Judaism to the shul on Flagler Avenue. “Newer generations of Jews are seeking something different, something fresh and meaningful. The ‘same-old same-old’ just won’t cut it anymore.” 

As a classically trained, yet modern, contemporary rabbi, hazzan, musician, educator and wellness expert, Rabbi-Cantor Gastón draws from more than two decades of work that has resonated in synagogues and educational centers throughout Latin America, Europe and the U.S. 

“Rabbi-Cantor Gaston puts the ‘spirit’ in Spiritual Leader,” says Alan Bell, TBE’s Executive Director. “He brings so much to the service, the community and the Synagogue.”

In just four months, Rabbi-Cantor Gaston, in harmony with his equally-energetic Rebbetzin (wife) Marcella, has added a wide range of stimulating and soul-stirring programs, including the Mindfulness Shabbat, the Beth El Conversion Institute and L’Chaim Time networking events for young adults and professionals. 

The local Hispanic Jewish community will also have a new spiritual home as Rabbi-Cantor Gaston hails from Argentina and is fluent in English, Hebrew and Spanish. Under his guidance, Temple Beth El will be adding new programming geared to the Latino audience. The synagogue’s new website, in fact, can be translated from English to Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese.  

“I am thrilled to have Rabbi-Cantor Gaston and Marcela at Temple Beth El,” said President of the Board Moshe Adler. “Their vibrant personalities are an inspiration and they are planning wonderful events for us. Our services have never before been so spiritual, musical and uplifting.” 

From an aspirational standpoint, Rabbi-Cantor Gaston’s mission is to help parishioners and congregants relate their spirituality to their lives and become better citizens of the world. 

As the West Palm Beach Jewish community continues to evolve, he sees Temple Beth El under his guidance as a foundation for a re-emerging Jewish community. New generations of congregants, from young professionals and families to anyone seeking a spiritual home, will find Temple Beth El and the Center for Jewish Spirituality a foundation for Judaism, education, cultural awareness, wellness, arts, music and healing. 

On the very web site on which Temple Beth El reaches beyond the Bubbes, Rabbi-Cantor Gaston shares his call to action.  

“We are a community. We are a center for spirituality, for a lot of different things. We are vibrant, full of programming. But more than I can tell you, just come and explore with us,” he says.

Let the countdown to century number two begin.

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