Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2023

FAU Researchers Establish Queen Conch Farm on Grand Bahama

Researchers from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) have successfully established a queen conch farm on Grand Bahama Island. This new development is a significant milestone in efforts to protect the vulnerable queen conch species and support the sustainable seafood industry in the region.

The project was led by FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, which worked in collaboration with local stakeholders, including the Bahamian government and community groups. The researchers spent three years developing the technology and methods needed to breed and raise queen conchs in a controlled environment.

The queen conch is a valuable seafood delicacy that has been overfished in many areas of the Caribbean. By establishing a farm for these mollusks, the FAU team hopes to reduce the pressure on wild populations and provide a source of sustainably harvested queen conch for the local market.

The farm is located at the East Grand Bahama coast and consists of a series of tanks and raceways where the queen conchs are raised in a controlled environment. The researchers monitor the temperature, water quality, and food supply to ensure the health and well-being of the conchs.

In addition to supporting the sustainable seafood industry, the queen conch farm also provides opportunities for research and education. FAU students and researchers are working on projects to study the queen conch’s biology and behavior, as well as ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the farm’s operations.

The establishment of the queen conch farm is a significant achievement for FAU and its partners in Grand Bahama. By promoting sustainable seafood practices and supporting research and education, this project demonstrates the university’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

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