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Florida, the best in the U.S.

As we know, we are the United States of America.

All states are part of the Federation, and with this, the country is the sum of its States in the positive and negative sense.

Florida is increasingly becoming the helmsman of the U.S. economy.

In terms of attraction, Florida has been a leader.

In 2022 the state received 130 million visitors, strengthening its economy, and showing that Florida is not just the great weather, the wonderful beaches, or the theme parks.

Florida has become the financial center with the biggest growth in the country, its film industry has already surpassed Hollywood in California, its technology centers have higher growth than Silicon Valley, the development area of the war industry, is at the tip of the country, as well as the pharmaceutical research sector, among other sectors.

Florida is the third state in education in the country, being the first in higher education, along with New Jersey.

Its GDP is already at $1.4 trillion, making it the third in the U.S., just behind California and Texas.

Its current population is 22.4 million with a growth of 1,000 people a day.

Miami Airport has already become the first in the United States, both in passengers and in cargo, surpassing all others in the country.

According to experts, Florida will become the world’s 10th largest economy by 2030.

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