Published On: Thu, Jan 19th, 2023

Lynn finds invaluable experience with executives and entrepreneurs in residence

Business colleges and schools across the nation infuse executive level experience, knowledge and best practices into curriculums through executive-in-residence programs. Furthermore, these programs offer unique perspectives into students’ learning experiences and opportunities to engage with accomplished professionals from the business community.

Lynn University leadership carefully hand-selects each member of its executive-in-residence program based on matching criteria and the specific needs of the university at a particular point in its academic timeline. Executives can then teach dedicated courses or contribute as guest speakers and share best business practices with students, a philosophy that Executive-in-Residence Jerry Fedele takes particular pride in.

Prior to Lynn, Fedele was a lawyer and CEO at large complex health systems in Pennsylvania and Florida. Thanks to his extensive background, Fedele is uniquely qualified to bring real-world experiences to Lynn students.

After retiring in 2019, Lynn asked Fedele to be part of its young executive-in-residence program, and he gladly accepted. Fedele was attracted to the idea that he could connect with and mentor young students that had clear aspirations to go far in their careers.

“The opportunity sounded really interesting,” said Fedele. “I love to teach and as a former executive, I was confident that I could bring students a different perspective and way of thinking that they are not typically used to seeing.”

Fedele teaches several courses at Lynn, including, strategic management capstone seminars for the MBA program, capstone strategy courses for undergraduate business students and several undergraduate courses.

“In addition to the specific subjects we touch in class, my courses are heavily focused on connecting those academic materials with current events,” said Fedele. “I also speak about everything I have seen in my career that makes people successful. I talk about what they can anticipate in their careers, in terms of success, in terms of failures, and how to make sure that they create the best opportunities for themselves to succeed.”

Fedele’s body of work at Lynn has led to numerous students reaching out to the executive-in-residence outside of the classroom to provide insight and mentorship as they navigate their careers. Throughout his courses, Fedele installs his philosophy for student development and growth: “Jerry’s nine keys to professional success,” which has paid dividends for students.

“Professor Fedele truly impacted and influenced my career path. His class opened my eyes and helped me visualize the reality of some topics,” said Natan Gluck, a Lynn student working to earn an MBA in financial valuation and investment. “His steps to success and the numerous topics he introduced in our seminar are one of the most valuable concepts I have learned at Lynn.”

Lynn’s executive- and entrepreneur-in-residence program allows students such as Natan Gluck and executives like Jerry Fedele to learn from each other, grow and develop an academic foundation for future students.

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