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4 Simple Steps to Becoming More Sustainable Over the Holidays

(StatePoint) While the holiday season can sometimes feel like it’s all about consumption, keeping sustainable practices alive may be easier than you think. Here are some simple sustainable practices to try over the holidays.

Brighten Up: Share a flowering or lush green houseplant as a gift this season to bring some life into the home. Proven to help lift spirits, plants can also assist during those bleak winter months in helping to filter the air and bring the house some freshness and color.

Sent with Love: Care packages, cards and gifts galore! The holidays are all about telling loved ones you’re thinking of them, but all those shipping boxes can sometimes lead to waste. Go green by choosing greeting cards made from recycled paper, or keep smaller gifts safe in transit using eco-friendly shipping materials such as Flourish brand Honeycomb Recyclable Mailers.

Wrapped Up: Choosing sustainable, recycled paper to wrap presents is a gift to your loved ones and the environment. Flourish brand Kraft Paper is made of 100% recycled material, making it a great alternative to traditional wrapping paper. Plus, it’s durable enough to work for gifts of a variety of sizes and shapes. For added trim, let your imagination soar with colored pens, or include a beautiful pinecone or sprig of holly for a simple, elegant winter look.

Ditch the Disposable: While disposable dishes and flatware provide ease during the holidays, they are not so easy on the environment. Entertaining with reusable plates and flatware provides an on-trend look while also being more sustainable. Start small with simple swaps like using washable serving ware and platters, which can still be a meaningful way to use less plastic during the bustling holiday season.

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